M&T Business ATM Card

Focus more on running your business and less on running errands. The M&T ATM Card for Business{{d33*}}, {{d71*}} allows your employees to take care of certain banking tasks with ATM and phone access to your Business Checking account.

Top Features

  • ATM card offers ability to make deposits and withdrawals, transfer funds between M&T linked accounts, make payments or check account balances at many M&T ATMs
  • Employee authorization options:
    • All Activity – enables authorized signers on the deposit accounts to have access to account information, as well as make deposits, withdraw cash, transfer funds between linked accounts, get an advance on a line of credit, or apply for a loan
    • Balance Inquiry – allows designated employees to obtain account information or make deposits to your linked M&T accounts
  • Individual cards are provided to authorized users with unique cards and PIN numbers for enhanced security
  • Multiple ways to access your account:

Is this product right for you?

This product is best for people who: 

  • Are small business owners or managers
  • Conduct high-volume cash transactions with customers that can be better supported with easy ATM access for deposits and withdrawals
  • Are authorized signers on the business account and may prefer to make purchases with cash withdrawn from an ATM
  • Are designated employees who are accountable for making deposits or reviewing account information

Eli​​gibility Requirements

Cardholders must be authorized signers on all deposit accounts linked to their cards.


Where do I request a card?

To request your M&T ATM Card for Business, please stop by your local M&T branch or call us at 1-800-724-6070.