Solutions for Government Contracting Firms

M&T Bank understands the complexity of the government contracting industry. Lean on our experts for banking solutions and strategic direction tailored to your firm.

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Customized Solutions for Government Contracting Firms

Whether you're considering scalable working capital, acquisition financing, or equipment financing, we'll walk you through your options, including:

M&T will also provide term sheets and financing solutions, which address where your company is today and where it's going. 

For government and public sector needs, learn more about our Government Banking Solutions

Strategic solutions

M&T is engaged and active in the government contracting market. We can help you understand more about industry dynamics, the competitive landscape, and how we can help you win in the market.

In addition, M&T provides a government contracting-focused Mergers and Acquisitions practice, with deep knowledge of the people, companies, contracts and directorates in the GovCon space.

M&T has financially and strategically assisted hundreds of government contractors in the Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia communities.

A Trusted Partner

M&T Bank strives to deliver strategic advice and be a trusted partner, providing government contracting firms with the tools and resources to help them win and achieve personal, professional and financial goals.

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Customer Testimonials

"M&T has been a continued asset for our company as we have grown over the years.  The M&T GovCon team has advocated for us as our banking needs and services have grown.  But they have been much more than just a banking platform, demonstrating their knowledge of our industry to provide insight and connections as the need arises." 

- Chris Berger, Tiber Technologies

“M&T Bank has played a pivotal role in the success of Oxford Government Consulting, LLC. Oxford, with the support of M&T Bank, has established itself as an exceptional provider of the full range of chief information officer (CIO) IT support services, with staff possessing world-class experience in the management consulting disciplines required within both Federal and Commercial organizations. M&T supported Oxford from inception to our 2015 “Inc. 500” award, being ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in America (#1 in Baltimore Metro Area). M&T has been an instrumental partner to Oxford as part of our pathway to success and continued company maturity, supporting scalability, networking, service continuity, regulatory compliance, fraud protection, and banking operations. Oxford appreciates and is thankful for the personal contact and service we receive from M&T.” 

- Oxford Government Consulting

“M&T has been a great partner of Percival and one of the factors to our success.  Their team understands our industry and the challenges of starting a company from the ground up.  They’ve been there not only for our financial needs but also making introductions with other companies and offering advice.  M&T has supported us as we’ve grown from into new offices, won new contracts, and even survived a building explosion which took our first office location.” 

- S. Ely, President, Percival Inc.

"In 12+ years, Fearless has grown from 1 to 140+ Fearless team members and 0 to 150+ people on external teams supported by Fearless work. M&T has met our financial needs at every stage of our business journey and we now recommend M&T to entrepreneurs in Hutch, our digital services incubator." 

- Fearless Tech

“Orion Consortium has been partnering with M&T Bank since 2001.  It has been and continues to be a pleasure working with everyone there.

Orion has been working with the same people at M & T since the beginning of our Business Banking relationship, many of the team now MTB executives, and all SMEs in the government sector.  Our M & T Business Bankers know Orion intimately.  They knew what we needed before we did, expertly preparing Orion for both growth and market downturns.

The M&T Business Banking Team is there with us everywhere we go within the government space: Educational and Informational Briefings, Happy hours, Bull roasts, Valentine dances, just to name a few.  Additionally, the M & T team puts together signature events just to introduce us to other companies within the space, a real added value. They truly show us that we are all in this together!

Because of the progressive planning and preparation of the M & T Business Banking Team, Orion has been able to grow and prosper.  When market downturns came, we hit declines like sequestration with minor stress.  We have been able to support our employees and keep them from experiencing major hardship through tough times within the government, and then grow again when the crisis past.

When Covid-19 hit, M & T had us covered immediately with the PPP program.  On our second round, we were one of the first companies to receive the PPP funding. We were guided every step of the way.  All through this past year, the roughest year imaginable for our country, I kept thinking how lucky we were as a company to be associated with M & T, the best bank you could ask for in a crisis. We would not be where we are today without the fantastic Business Banking team at M&T Bank. Thank you, M&T Business Team, we are your biggest fans! "

- Francesca Cartwright, President/CEO, Orion Consortium, LLC

“The M&T team has been a pleasure to work with as they understand  small business needs and our customer base. They were quick to respond allowing us to immediately interact and solve problems!” 

- Tulzi Tech