Merchant Services Referral Program

Add value for your clients while getting rewarded.

Your clients deserve and expect the best.

What if you could provide them with added efficiency, enhanced security, and faster access to their funds with just one click or phone call? What if you could receive a financial incentive in the process? By providing a qualified referral to M&T Bank Merchant Services for point-of-sale card payment services, you and your clients both enjoy benefits to your bottom lines.
You make the referral, we onboard the client, and you get a financial incentive.

Benefits to you as the referrer

Add value to your client relationships

Increase supplemental revenue

Broaden sales reach

Benefits to your clients

Improved customer experience

Increased protection for business and clients with payment security tools

Accelerated access to funds increases business growth

Interested in applying to our Referral Partner Program?

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You may also reach out to M&T Merchant services at 1-800-897-6311 Monday–Friday 830 am – 5 pm EST.