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Running a business is a thrilling but complex endeavor. Our community experts and local customers can prove it. We've compiled our top resources for entrepreneurial success. Explore the topics that matter most to you.

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Writing a Business Plan

You can’t create a business plan without first understanding what goes into it. Check out the resources below to jump-start your draft.

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Raising Capital

Understanding your potential business’ financial needs can help determine the funding sources that best meet those needs. The resources below will help to inform you of your next steps.

Becoming a home owner

Managing Your Cash Flow

Keeping track of your daily business finances is vital in understanding how to grow your business.  Every business' cash flow cycle is unique. M&T is here to help you understand the basics to ensure you have a plan for success.

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Preparing Taxes

Keeping your finances organized and up-to-date are important parts of starting a business. Consult the resources below for insight on how to get prepared.

shining a light on our partners

Our mission is to shine a light on local businesses and create a space for the community. We’re always expanding and featuring new businesses. See how your business could be considered.

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Marketing a Business

A thoughtful marketing plan can go a long way in accelerating the growth of your business. 

Becoming a home owner

Multicultural & Diverse Entrepreneurs

It's our goal to try to understand the pressures, challenges and opportunities for every business owner. Our local teams are here with the resources to help your business excel. 

Banking for Students

Fraud Prevention

We want to help you identify suspicious activity before it impacts your operations.

Becoming a home owner

Types of Fraud 

Criminals are developing more advanced ways to steal your sensitive information. Stay up to date with these different methods so you know what to look for.

Becoming a home owner

Detecting Fraud 

We have to be vigilant on the ever-present reality of fraud. Here are tips to help you identify suspicious activity before it impacts your operations.

Starting and Growing Your Business

We’re here to help budding entrepreneurs build their knowledge of what to expect when starting a business from the ground up. Our playlists are designed to help boost your confidence in understanding aspects of running a successful business as well as offer important advice to help you prepare for the future, no matter where you are in your journey.


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According to statistics released by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) for total approved loans through the SBA's 7(a) lending program during the federal fiscal year ending 9/30/2023.
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