A concrete explanation of what you do

Prove to your readers that your business has the competency and passion required to succeed.

What to include in your company description

A company description section of a business plan typically follows the executive summary. It includes basic information like the name and location of your business, the products or services it provides and an explanation of the problems your company intends to solve. Above all, your company description’s aim is to succinctly describe what your business does. You want to hold your reader’s attention enough to get them to continue to the meat of your business plan.

This is also a place to let your passion shine through. Include a brief vision statement that encapsulates where you see your business going.

Differentiating your vision statement from your mission statement

While your business plan’s mission statement describes why and how you do what you do, the vision statement you might include as part of your company description shares a glimpse into the future. This is an opportunity to describe what you see as possible. All of what’s to follow in your business plan should support your vision and provide evidence that it's realistic.

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