How will your business operate?

Detail your business structure and leadership.

Spell out who’s in charge of what

The organization and management section of your business plan is usually presented in two parts. In the organization portion, you’ll lay out how the business is structured. This is often done with a chart that details the hierarchy of your company with a brief description of each person’s responsibilities.

In the management section, you’ll want to share some details about your leadership team to demonstrate that you’ve assembled the appropriate expertise to do the job that your business plan is describing. If applicable, you should also include details about any support professionals, such as a board of directors, attorneys, accountants and freelancers.


Legal structure

Explain how your business is registered with the government. Are you an LLC, a sole proprietor or something else? Research what kind of business you should become to set yourself up for success and protect your personal assets.

Bios of key leaders

Share some biographical information about your leadership team. Include details about past experiences that apply to your business along with any awards or recognitions.

Growth insights

Even if you’re starting your business without a staff, present your plans for adding positions. Describe the type of candidates you envision hiring and their would-be duties and responsibilities.

A strong business plan can help you secure financing and seed investment from M&T.

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