How much should you spend?

Your business needs a marketing budget, and M&T can help you develop the right plan.

Average marketing costs for small businesses

The average marketing budget for small businesses will vary significantly depending on industry, geography, operating cash flow, the goals of each individual business and many other factors. Costs, of course, will vary depending on which marketing tactics a business chooses to promote its messages. Determining things like typical marketing expenses or the average advertising costs for small businesses is inexact. But no matter where your business is in relation to average, having a plan for how you’re going to spend your marketing dollars is key to your sustained success.

Planning for your success

To determine your marketing budget, you need a clear picture of how your business is going to operate profitably. M&T can provide guidance on the process of creating a business plan. With a solid market analysis, accurate financial projections, a clear mission statement and SWOT analysis, you can make informed decisions about how much to spend on marketing and where to spend it. Connect with one of our experts to build the right plan for your business.

M&T Bank can provide resources to help you build an effective marketing strategy. Schedule an appointment with your local M&T branch.


Small Business Planning

Our resources can teach you how to get your small business in front of more people to increase brand awareness, gain visibility, increase business and much more. Learn more about small business planning.

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