Don’t leave your business exposed

Antivirus software could save your business from catastrophic losses.

24/7 protection

Criminals use increasingly sophisticated methods to lure victims into unknowingly installing viruses onto their computers. Once installed, the cybercriminal can use those malware viruses to steal critical information and encrypt data that they then charge a ransom to unlock. Your business needs around-the-clock protection from the constantly evolving threat of cyber attacks. Business antivirus software continuously scans your computer to detect and combat any viruses. M&T Bank can help you find the solution that’s best for your business.

Monitoring your M&T accounts

If you are the victim of a cyber attack, a malware virus could cause damage quickly. Having back-end support to prevent financial loss is critical. M&T Bank employs state-of-the-art technologies to provide the very best protection for our customers. We monitor accounts and cardholder activity and use data mining for fraud detection and prevention. With M&T Alerts, fraud detection is real-time. You’ll be informed immediately by text and email if unusual account activity occurs. We can work together to identify potential fraud. The faster the reaction, the better our chances of stopping further damage and of recovering any losses.

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Fraud Prevention

Our resources can teach you and your staff how to recognize the signs of fraud and best practices for processing credit card transactions, avoiding suspicious hyperlinks, paying invoices, and much more. Learn more about fraud protection.

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