Protect your customers’ card data and minimize your risk of loss 

PCI compliance is an important part of protecting your business.

PCI compliance requirements for small businesses

Today’s consumers expect the option to pay with their credit and debit cards, especially for online purchases. To increase sales, you need to accept card payments wherever and however you do business. And to prevent credit card fraud and data breaches, complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is an important part of protecting your business.

To be PCI compliant, you must build and maintain a secure network, protect cardholder data, implement strong access-control procedures, maintain a vulnerability-management program and take other key measures for information security. Your specific PCI DSS requirements will depend on your card-handling practices and the number of card transactions you process. 

The M&T advantage

Merchants who work with M&T are automatically enrolled in our PCI Advance program. Get an external vulnerability scan, access to an online compliance reporting portal, 24/7 live technical support, breach protection of up to $100,000 per incident and much more. Our team provides PCI compliance consultation and can equip your staff with the tips, tools and information needed to minimize your risk of loss.

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Fraud Detection & Prevention

Our resources can teach you and your staff how to recognize the signs of fraud and best practices for processing credit card transactions, avoiding suspicious hyperlinks, paying invoices, and much more. Learn more about fraud detection & prevention.

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