Grab attention with a clear overview

Give your audience concise, engaging information about how your business is going to succeed.

The make-or-break part of your business plan

The executive summary of a business plan is the first thing a potential investor (such as friends and family or your general network) or lender (such as a traditional bank) is going to read about your business. Get it right, and you could be on your way to securing financing. If you miss the mark, you could portray the wrong message about your business and how you’ll reach your goals.

In two pages or fewer, you need to summarize your plan, including why the market needs your business, a snapshot of growth potential and an overview of your financial requirements and projections.

Engage your audience

Communicate clearly why your business idea is a winning one. Save the details for the rest of your business plan. The goal here is to win the reader’s attention by showing how you’ll be able to repay any money you borrow.

Implementation schedule

Outline how you’re going to take your business from plan to profit. Describe your product or service and its appeal to the target market. Share an overview of your marketing and sales strategies.

Write it last

It’s often easiest to write your executive summary after you’ve written the rest of your business plan. That way you can pull only the most important information from each section of your plan to form your summary.

A strong business plan can help you secure financing and seed investment from M&T.


Writing a Business Plan

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