The heart of your business plan

Explain what your business does by describing your products or services.

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Detailed but clear

The products and services section of your business plan is where you’ll answer the question: What does your product or service do? You’ll want to describe your offerings in a detailed manner without losing the reader’s attention. Stick to important facts having to do with benefits and advantages, pricing and product line information, patents or property rights, research and development and fulfillment. This is an opportunity to convince potential lenders or investors that your business has a salable product or service. Aim for a voice of simplicity, clarity, enthusiasm and authority. 

Make the case for value

You’ll need to provide some explanation of market value. How is what you’re selling different from the competition? Are your costs low enough for you to generate a profit? The information in this section, in concert with the rest of your business plan, should legitimize your plan as solid and convince readers that there is opportunity for growth.

A strong business plan can help you secure financing and seed investment from M&T.


Writing a Business Plan

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