Nail the pitch

Get to the point of what you’re asking for and what you can deliver.

How to present a business plan

Securing lending or investments in your business comes down to winning trust. Think of your business through the eyes of the lender or investor. What aspects do they care about and what makes you uniquely qualified to meet that need? Present a detailed but concise plan for how your business is going to succeed and produce returns. Know your business plan well enough to easily discuss it and answer any questions lenders or investors might ask.

Make the case for your idea, product or service

Why would someone buy what you’re planning to sell? If you don’t present a solid case for why your business is needed, you’re unlikely to have success securing lenders or investors.

Be clear about your ask and offer

How much money are you seeking? Research your financing potential so that you have a specific ask and offer.

Know your audience

Present your business plan to lenders and investors that are good fits for your idea. Learn what types of products and industries they might consider and what kind of money they might be willing to lend or invest.

A strong business plan can help prepare you for funding conversations with M&T.


Writing a Business Plan

You can’t create a business plan without first understanding what goes into it. Check out our resources to jump-start your draft. Learn more about Writing a Business Plan.

Partner with M&T Bank

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