Equities & Options

A dedicated team of M&T Securities, Inc. professionals is available by phone for trade support and market inquiries. For added flexibility, you can also trade online and view account information including activity and electronic statements.

Equity Trading

Stocks – also called equities – give investors shares of ownership interest in a particular company. This ownership share may provide capital appreciation, dividend payments and voting rights. M&T Securities offers access to a variety of equities across many sectors.

​​​Potential Risks

Before investing in equities, consider the risks that are involved in equities trading. For example, stock prices fluctuate and you may lose money when you invest in equities.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Similar to stocks, ETFs are traded on exchanges and shares can be purchased or sold during trading hours. ETFs are investment portfolios that seek to track a securities index – like the S&P 500.

​​Potential ​​Risks

It is important to understand ETFs and the risks and fees involved in ETF trading before investing in them. Prior to investing in an ETF, review the prospectus for detailed information on the ETF's investment objective, principal investment strategies, risks and costs.

Options Trading

Options trading and hedging strategies can be executed through M&T Securities. Options are complex investment products and are not suitable for all investors.

​Potential Risks

While the rewards of options trading can be high, the losses can be great as well. Please consider the risks before you engage in options trading.

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