Key Person Insurance

What will happen to your business if something happens to its founders or top performers? Our experienced team at M&T Securities, Inc. can help you determine your needs and help you meet those needs.

Help protect your company against the loss of your best people.

If you lost one of your company's key individuals – or if that person were no longer able to work and replacing them would take significant time, efforts and funds – a key person insurance policy may help to protect your company from a potential financial loss.

​​Policy Features

Policies available through M&T Securities may offer the following features, among others:

  • ​Cash value may accumulate in the policy
  • ​Policy can be transferred to the employee at retirement as a bonus
  • Premiums are paid by the business​

Corporate-Owned Life Insurance

Corporate-owned life insurance offers employers the opportunity to protect the corporation/entity by purchasing life insurance policies on the lives of their key employees.

​Potential Benefits of a Corporate-Owned Life Insurance Policy

  • The option to build cash value
  • Lifetime coverage which remains in force as long as premiums are paid or there is ade​quate value in the policy to pay the cost of insurance​
  • The younger and healthier the insured is when the policy is purchased, the lower the annual premium may be​
Key Person Insurance may not be suitable for all investors. Speak to one of our representatives to find out more.
Policy features differ per insurance carrier.
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