Group Life, Disability & Worksite Benefits

Work together with M&T Insurance Agency to design and implement an insurance program that meets your goals – and protects your employees' income when they need it most.

Better benefits are good business.

Attracting the very best people to your business and maintaining their loyalty isn't always easy, but you can help recruit talent and boost morale by enhancing your total compensation package. One way is with benefits that protect employees and their families in the event of an unexpected loss of income.

M&T Insurance Agency, Inc. offers all lines of life and disability coverage plus advice from educated professionals. We'll help you build a benefits package that allows your employees to work without worry.

Our Life & Disability Plans

As a full-service broker, we offer benefits products and services that cover your employees from all angles. Our life and disability plans include:

​​Group Term Life & AD&D

Group Term Life and AD&D (Accidental Death and Dismemberment) provides families with financial support after loss of income caused by an untimely death or accident. Options include:

  • Several plan types. Coverage can be offered in flat amounts or structured based on earnings 
    • Optional Life
    • Spouse Life
    • Child Term Life
    • Accelerated Life Benefits
  • Custom premium payment options. You may choose to have your organization pick up 100% of the cost (or part of the cost) or offer optional plans that are paid for solely by the employee
  • Flexible terms. These plans may even offer convertibility and portability, depending on the carrier

​​​Group Long-Term Disability

Help your employees meet their key financial obligations in the event they become incapacitated and suffer an earning loss. Plan features can be customized to suit personal and budgetary needs. Options include:

  • Class structure. You may offer owners and executives a different product than the one available to general employees
  • ​​​Variable features. Choose from different monthly benefits, waiting periods and benefit periods
  • Occupation-specific terms. Specialty occupations (such as physicians, surgeons, attorneys, anesthesiologists) can enjoy benefits that offer higher compensation replacement at time of disability
  • Supplemental individual disability. Available for highly-compensated employees who require greater income replacement
  • Portability. Allows employees to take coverage with them at termination. Availability varies by carrier

​Worksite Benefits

We offer a full range of worksite benefits – also called voluntary benefits – that add another layer of coverage to offset medical expenses or income loss. Options include:

  • Critical illness insurance. Provides a payout upon diagnosis of a particular illness, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, renal failure or Lou Gehrig's disease
  • Short-term disability. Not every health problem is catastrophic. A less serious illness or injury can keep employees out of work for a short time. Our coverage includes affordable options for monthly benefits, waiting periods and benefit periods
  • Life Insurance. Voluntary coverage for employees and their spouses and children
  • Medical bridge products. High-deductible health insurance plans are cost-efficient but, in some cases, can leave employees in a financial bind. Medical bridge insurance can help cover some of the out-of-pocket expenses that come with high-deductible plans

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