Wellness Program Consulting

Help protect the health of your people and your enterprise. Work together with M&T Insurance Agency to round out your benefits plan with a wellness program that gets results.

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Boost your benefits offerings and your bottom line.

Any HR manager knows that the steady rise of health care costs presents a major challenge to benefits administration. Unfortunately, some common cost-containment steps can be self-defeating. Downsizing, adopting less expensive plans, or shifting cost burdens to employees can actually decrease morale and job satisfaction.

Many businesses are finding that a more proactive way to stem the tide is to offer benefits and incentives that encourage healthy choices.

Healthier employees can ultimately have a positive impact on medical costs, and companies can experience a more immediate effect – a happier, more productive workforce.

Let us help you find a wellness program that works.

M&T Insurance Agency, Inc. will serve as a consultant, working closely with you to understand your organization's challenges and find the right solutions. Our team has the knowledge and experience to connect you with the highest quality and most effective programs available in the marketplace. Then we help you implement those programs and track the results.

We can help put all kinds of results-oriented initiatives into place, individually or as a part of an overall wellness initiative that includes participation incentives. Just a few examples:

  • Weight loss programs
  • Smoking cessation
  • Health and fitness incentive programs
  • Preventive health screenings
  • Diabetes management
  • Discount programs

Additionally, we can assist you with finding and implementing health risk mitigation programs, which can audit your entire organization and recommend additional strategies to help your employees stay healthier – seeking to contain or reduce costs.

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