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We understand that it’s important to provide you the best solutions to help your business succeed. We are excited to announce our upgraded treasury management experience, M&T Bank Treasury Center. Find out how you can do more in less time with personalized workspaces and reporting, easy payment scheduling and more using our upgraded treasury management solution.

A Connected Experience

  • Access Anywhere
    View on desktop, mobile or tablet
  • Single Sign-On
    One log-in for all of your treasury management needs
  • Personalized Capability
    Customize your view to make your workspace your own
  • Responsive Design
    Seamless experience across devices

Web InfoPLU$ users, you’ll be upgraded to Treasury Center soon. Look for more information to learn how to access important news and moving resources coming soon.

Everything in One Place: Treasury Center Features

Collect, Pay, Manage and Protect

M&T Treasury Center’s intuitive workspaces provide the technology to help speed up your receivables and payables, while managing your accounts and transactions with improved security to strengthen your defenses against fraud. 


Remote Check Deposit

Enhance your organization's efficiency by modernizing your deposit process. Scan checks for deposit and send them to M&T Bank electronically.


M&T Bank's Lockbox Service is an efficient way to collect payments mailed to you. M&T picks up mail directly from the post office throughout the day, deposits the checks into your account, and provides you with deposit information over the Internet, so you can update your records.

  • Save time. Less time preparing checks for deposit means more time to spend on what's important
  • Get faster access to your money. Customer payments can be deposited as much as three days earlier in some cases
  • Get insight into your business. Lockbox can modernize your accounts receivable systems, providing daily detailed reporting, increased research ability, and easy access to archived payments
  • Enjoy peace of mind. Since customer payments bypass internal processing and come directly to M&T, Lockbox is a cost-effective way to reduce the risk of internal fraud loss
  • Enhanced customer service and accounts receivable posting. With our Imaging feature, images of remittance checks and documents are available as soon as 30 minutes after processing, and you can access images via the Internet, CD or direct transmission 


ACH (Automated Clearing House)

Send a variety of payments using templates or file import for:

  • Direct deposit of payroll, corporate dividend payments and expense reimbursement payments
  • Corporate payments to vendors and suppliers
  • Tax payments
  • Healthcare payments
  • Insurance premiums or rent collection

You also have the capability to send Same Day Payments, Future Dated Payments and Recurring Payments.


Setup and manage wire users, payment approval levels and repetitive or scheduled wires. Payment types include:

  • Domestic
  • International in U.S. dollars
  • Foreign Currency
  • Drawdown
  • Tax Payments

Account Transfer

Move money real-time between your M&T Bank accounts. The Transfers Management widget allows you to initiate or import one to one, one to many or many to one transfers. Send a transfer one time or put it on a recurring schedule.

Check Management

Need to know the status of check? Use the Check Inquiry widget to search the status on one, multiple or a range of checks. You can add or import stop payments, cancel stop payments and view images of cleared checks.

ACH Monitor

  • Get setup to submit direct transmission ACH files with M&T and use our ACH Monitor service to confirm the timing and accuracy of payments, enter required control totals, research ACH payments, and receive email notifications on payment activities
  • Safeguard your accounts from unauthorized ACH payments and keep control over ACH debit payments presented to your accounts. Receive email notifications when a payment that requires your attention is detected

International Trade Online

Manage your international trade transactions, instantly access information, and receive transaction reports and alerts. 


Balance Reporting

Know what’s happening with your accounts throughout the day with our Cash Position Reporting. Reconcile and research using our Previous Day Reporting which offers up to 365 days of history. Custom Reports and Custom Tables allow you to view your data your way. Export in a variety of formats including PDF, CSV, TSV, QuickBooks and SWIFT/ ISO.

From your Account Summary widget get insight into your other account types such as Certificate of Deposits, Escrow, Investment Sweep, Loan Sweep, Commercial Card and even accounts you may have at other financial institutions.

Image Search

Gain instant access to our seven-year archive for Paid Checks, Deposit Tickets and Deposit Items images.


Get your statements faster and go green by using our eStatements service.

File Transfer Manager

Use our File Transfer Manager to retrieve files or upload files to us. 


Positive Pay

Review the details including images of suspect check items and make pay or return decisions for our Positive Pay, Payee Positive Pay or Reverse Positive Pay services. Additionally, add or import check issues or voids.

User Administration

You’re in control. Your designated Global Administrator maintains what employees can access in Treasury Center. This includes which services they can use and account entitlements. Administrators can also unlock users, reset their passwords and view audit logs. Company Detail and User Permission Reports are available.


Add additional security across transactions with Dual Approval and tokens. 

System Requirements

M&T Treasury Center is compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox supporting 128-bit encryption.

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