CentreSuite Card and Expense Management

Gain the convenience and control of Online Commercial Management with CentreSuite Card and Expense Management tools.

CentreSuite is provided through a third-party vendor, TSYS, Inc. Before using this product, Client needs to agree to an End User License Agreement between client and TSYS, Inc.

Access your Commercial Card information efficiently and easily.

Whether your employees require instant access to accounts, expense statements or reports, CentreSuite provides your organization with flexibility, convenience and access to powerful data.

CentreSuite Benefits

  • Convenience. Access your real-time Commercial Card information 24 hours a day
  • Control. Define and control user access to Commercial Card program data and functionality
  • Increased Accuracy. Direct integration with the transaction processor provides you faster and more reliable access to account information

CentreSuite Features

  • Account Management. Administrators can access and update a wide range of account information​
  • Statement Management. A much-needed alternative to paper-based statement processing. Go green and get your monthly statements electronically
  • Expense Management. Define business rules to automatically assign account codes to transactions and upload them into internal systems
  • Expense Management and Routing. Create expense reports and submit them electronically for approval
  • Report Management. Provide the appropriate people in your organization with online access to transaction data

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