Group Benefits

We are here to support you in delivering employee benefits that are conscientious of your corporate goals.

We listen. We customize. We care.

We are committed to working hard to get to know you and your company, and to creating a customized plan that offers cost-effective strategies.

Customized Group Medical Plan

We know that your employees are your most important asset. In today's complex insurance marketplace, having the knowledge and support of an experienced team of insurance professionals on your side can assist with balancing comprehensive employee health care coverage while managing costs associated with health care plans. 
From simple HMO plans to complex self-funded plans, we can help you choose the right group medical plan to meet your company’s objectives. 
Services Include:
  • Carrier Network Analysis and RFP Management
  • Premium negotiation: Plan Design and Alternative Funding Analysis
  • Captive Model Evaluation
  • Claims Reporting
  • Underwriting Analysis
  • Stop Loss and Reinsurance Assessment

Pharmacy Consultation

With the increasing complexity of insurance rules and the rising costs of prescription drugs, it's important to understand your options. We offer prescription drug coverage that can be tailored to fit the specific objectives of your company. 
We assist you with exploring traditional group pharmacy programs, co-pay alternatives and mail order plans to manage escalating costs of prescriptions. We can help you identify the pharmacy benefits manager that meets your goals and helps keep costs under control. 
Services include:
  • Pharmacy benefits manager contract evaluation
  • RFP management
  • Plan design
  • Network maximization
  • Rebate opportunities
  • Reinsurance options​

Wellness Programs

Boost your benefits offerings and your bottom line through benefits and incentives that encourage healthy choices. Healthier employees can ultimately have a positive impact on medical costs. 
We will serve as a consultant, working closely with you to analyze claims data, understand your organization's challenges and find the right solutions. We help you implement those programs, educate employees, and track the results. 
Examples may include:
  • Weight loss programs
  • Health and fitness incentive programs
  • Preventive health screenings
  • Diabetes management
  • Discount programs
Additionally, we can assist you with finding and implementing health risk mitigation programs and recommend additional strategies to help your employees stay healthier – seeking to contain or reduce costs.

Self-Funding Solutions

You may choose self-funded (or self-insured) plans as an alternative to fully insured solutions, which can be more heavily impacted by rising health care costs and taxes. Instead of using a standard plan from the insurance carrier, self-funding gives you the flexibility to design a plan that more fully meets your employee and organizational needs and allows for cost-controlling adjustments along the way. 
Our team is experienced to efficiently handle the many details of launching this funding arrangement – and the ongoing claims analytics to help you proactively manage costs and risk exposures. 
Services include:
  • Plan design and implementation
  • Claims data analysis
  • Claims risk management
  • Claim and cost projections

You can't predict the future, but we can help you prepare for it.

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