Group Captive Solutions

A tool to empower your business


Joining a group captive to satisfy your primary casualty insurance needs may help your organization to avoid the challenges of cyclical traditional insurance and reduce total cost of risk.

Unlike a traditional insurer, a group captive is not in business to maximize profits. Its purpose is to manage the risks of its member companies, while keeping costs down.

How can a group captive benefit your business?

Group captives can be used for workers’ compensation, commercial auto, and general liability exposures. While each situation can be different, some potential benefits may include:

  • Long-term stability and control
  • Potential cost savings
  • Improved coverage and limits
  • Enhanced claims management and loss control
  • Cash flow advantages
  • Direct access to the reinsurance market
  • Captive Management Services

Not sure how to get started? We can help.

You can count on M&T Insurance to help you proactively manage risk and guide you through identifying an appropriate captive structure and implement a program that works for you. Through our relationships with a variety of captive managers, we have the ability to work with clients to develop innovative solutions:

  • Single parent/pure captives. Insurance companies created by owners of an operating business to provide coverages to the parent and its subsidiaries 
  • Risk retention groups. Member-owned insurance companies for those who engage in similar or related businesses or activities. M&T can write liability insurance for all or any portion of the exposures of group members
  • Association captives. Owned by members of a common industry or trade association that is designed to insure the risks of that industry among the members of the association
  • Group captives. Jointly owned by a number of companies to meet a common insurance need
  • Sponsored/rent-a-captives. Often used for programs too small to justify their own captive

Our Process

Our complimentary Captive Program Due Diligence Review process involves three important stages

Needs Assessment

Review your current program to help you determine the type of captive that may be the most appropriate for your company's needs

Program design

Leverage our relationships with a variety of insurance and service providers to help you identify the best combination of coverage and cost. Utilize the assessment to form the appropriate captive structure to meet your needs


Present our findings to you and make a recommendation for your coverage

Once your captive program is in place, our highly experienced team of captive insurance professionals, provide services for your administrative needs, from captive creation through ongoing management and regulatory compliance.

We are committed to giving you a high level of consistent and customized service required for the most complex transactions.

You can't predict the future, but we can help you prepare for it.

 Take control today with M&T Insurance Agency. 

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