Trade Credit Insurance

Grow your business while minimizing the risk of non-payment and bad debt. M&T Insurance Agency, Inc. works with trade insurance specialists that can help.

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Help protect your receivables.

Trade credit insurance protects your company against bad debt when one of your customers goes bankrupt or is unable or unwilling to pay. Credit insurance can make you more competitive, improve your borrowing relationship with your bank, and help protect against non-payment risk including insolvency and slow pay.

​​How It W​​​orks

In the event of a customer defaulting on payment, you can file a claim against your insured customer and collect from the credit insurance company. A credit insurance policy gives you the confidence to offer terms to your customers while helping provide you security from a customer default or bankruptcy.

​​Benefits of Having Trade Credit Insurance   

Even with no calamities on the horizon, trade credit insurance offers many benefits for businesses:

  • Increases competitiveness. The protection afforded by trade credit insurance can allow you the flexibility to negotiate contract terms and payment limits that work for both you and your customers. Domestic and international sales can be secured with credit insurance
  • Manages concentrations. Many companies and lenders are concerned when more than 25% of their business is with one customer. Credit insurance can help address that concern by protecting a company from a catastrophic loss
  • Supports export sales. Risks with international trade can arise when laws, customs, communications and customer's reputation are not fully understood. Credit insurance provides protection on export sales where your knowledge of the customer base may not be as strong, and your legal options in the event of non-payment may be limited
  • Expands financing options. Improve your ability to borrow using insured receivables​​

Experience You Can Count On

For more  than 60 years, M&T Insurance Agency has provided specialized insurance services for clients in a wide range of industries that conduct business both domestically and internationally including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Habitation
  • Governments
  • Construction
  • Service providers​​


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