Mergers & Acquisitions

Turn to M&T Investment Banking Group for a customized M&A process that can help you achieve an optimal outcome.

Changing Company Ownership

M&T understands that shareholder transition and capital raising happen outside the normal course of business. As a relationship-driven and community-focused investment bank with a solid reputation, we bring a broad-based industry perspective and a deep understanding of how financing impacts all stakeholders. We place significant focus on goals and objectives before entering the market.

Selling Smart

The sale of your company is the capstone to years of value creation. Our team of bankers is committed to a disciplined process of financial and strategic due diligence that minimizes shareholder distractions. With real-time visibility into the market, we analyze and determine the best course of action, while maintaining a timeline that keeps everyone who is involved aligned. With a customized approach to each transaction, we work to ensure that all stakeholder objectives are addressed.

​Customized Process

  • Understand objectives of all stakeholders
  • Develop a plan to satisfy those stated objectives
  • Prepare marketing materials to convey your company’s key benefits to potential buyers

Optimal Outcome

Throughout our history, we have found that when properly executed, a managed process will most likely generate a premium over a non-represented transaction. The resulting process can take many forms, including:

  • Bilateral negotiation
  • Limited auction
  • Broad auction

Finding the Right Buyer

We assist clients in evaluating the options and selecting the appropriate buyer with a careful review process:

  • Conducting a detailed inspection and analysis of both the economic and structural elements of a proposal
  • Selecting a buyer that best meets your needs
  • Working with you through the due diligence and closing process
  • Collaborating with other advisors including legal counsel, accountants and consultants as well as counterparties to ensure that all parties work with due expediency

Building Partnerships

The greatest testament to our success is our enduring relationships with past clients. Throughout our history, these clients have not only benefitted from our technical skills and professionalism, but also from our understanding of personal and company objectives – and the meaning of such a transaction to them and their legacy.

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