Chip Technology

Learn how one little chip delivers such a big security enhancement.

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M&T Bank Visa Commercial Credit Card with Chip Technology

Your security is one of our top priorities. That's why M&T Bank Visa® Commercial Cards feature the enhanced security of chip technology.

Chip cards, also referred to as EMV cards or Smartcards, contain embedded microprocessors that strengthen transaction security and provide other encryption capabilities that traditional magnetic stripe cards can't offer. They are becoming a global standard because of their ability to reduce incidents of counterfeit fraud.


You can use your M&T Bank Visa Commercial Card with chip technology at all locations that accept Visa. Locations that use chip-enabled technology provide additional security benefits.

Enhanced Security – Worldwide

The chip also allows cardholders to pay at international merchant locations where chip cards are the standard. Over the next several years, more chip terminals are expected to appear at merchant locations and ATMs throughout the United States.

​Custom PIN

Experience yet another layer of security for your M&T Bank Visa Commercial Card by setting a PIN that only you know. You may be asked to enter your PIN when using your new M&T Bank Visa Commercial Card at a chip-enabled merchant terminal.

How it Works

At a Non-Chip Terminal

Simply swipe your card and sign the receipt as you always have, if required. You do not need to use your PIN. M&T Bank Visa Commercial Cards with chip technology will continue to feature the magnetic stripe on the back of the card for purchases at merchants that do not have a chip terminal.

At a Chip-Enabled Terminal

  1. Insert the chip portion of the card into the terminal with the chip facing up. It’s important to leave the card in the terminal until the transaction is complete – if you remove the card too soon, the transaction will end and your purchase will not be processed
  2. Follow the prompts on the terminal’s screen. Depending on the terminal, you may or may not be asked to enter your PIN while your card is in the terminal
  3. View transaction amount. The terminal will display the purchase amount
  4. Once the transaction is approved, you will be prompted to remove your card and take your receipt. You may be asked to sign the receipt for the transaction if you weren’t prompted to enter your PIN

Online and Phone Transactions

These types of transactions will be conducted the same way they are today and do not require a PIN.

Activating Your Card

You will automatically receive a new chip card in the mail when the Commercial Card you currently have expires. To activate your new card, call 1-800-443-8671 and select option 3. You can set up your PIN during activation. Then, sign the back of your card and destroy your expired card immediately.

As cards naturally expire, they will be replaced with EMV chip cards. Additionally, if you need a new credit card because yours was lost, stolen or damaged, or for another reason, the replacement will be a chip-enabled card.

The term "Commercial Card" is deemed to refer to Corporate Cards, Purchasing Cards and Commercial Cards as each such term is defined in the Visa® Charge Card Agreement that governs your Visa charge card. This card is issued pursuant to your Visa Charge Card Agreement with M&T Bank as Issuer and related documents and is subject to all the terms and conditions contained in such card agreements.
Visa® is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association.