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How do I reset my M&T Online Banking passcode?

If you have not yet logged in to M&T Online Banking for the first time or have tried to log in but were unsuccessful:

Try resetting your passcode at To reset your passcode, you’ll need:

  • Your People’s United Online Banking User ID
  • Your Social Security Number
  • One of the following verification methods:
    • Your activated M&T Debit or ATM card and PIN (If you haven’t activated your Debit or ATM Card, follow the instructions on the sticker on the front of your card)
    • Your M&T Mortgage account number

Once you receive confirmation on the screen that you've successfully reset your passcode, click the green "Log in to Online Banking" button and use your People's United User ID and newly created passcode to log in.

You may need help resetting your passcode. You'll need to contact an M&T Representative at 1-800-790-9130 if:

  • You don’t know your People’s United User ID or
  • You’re People’s United User ID has a special character (e.g.,! $ # & * etc.) or 
  • You don't have or unable to activate your M&T Debit or ATM Card

If you have already logged in to M&T Online Banking:

Go to

You'll be asked to enter your User ID and Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number. 

Next you’ll need to verify your identity. You can either use your M&T Debit Card or ATM Card, your M&T Credit Card, your M&T Online Banking Security Questions, your M&T Mortgage Account or other verification method. It’s important to note: 

  • If you use your M&T Debit or ATM card, you will also need your PIN number
  • If you use your M&T Credit Card, you will also need your 3-digit Security Code
  • If you opt to answer your security questions, you will need to answer two correctly
  • If you use your M&T Mortgage Account, you will need your account number

Once you’ve provided all the necessary information, you can change your passcode and use your User ID and newly created passcode to log in to M&T Online Banking.