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What is the difference between Direct Connect, Web Connect and Express Web Connect?

Below is detail on the different Intuit Products and supported connection types:

1) Direct Connect: QuickBooks® & Desktop Quicken®

Direct Connect is one of two automatic update options that communicates through a direct link with M&T. You do not need to log in directly to M&T Online Banking site to use this connectivity type. Once connected, updates will occur when you initiate a new download request from within the product. Direct Connect is the only two-way communication connectivity type, so additional services such as Bill Pay, and in-product transfers are supported.

Direct Connect is supported by M&T Bank.

2) Web Connect: QuickBooks® Desktop, QuickBooks® Online & Quicken®

Web Connect is the connectivity type that begins in M&T Online Banking site. You will download a .qbo (QuickBooks®) or .qfx (Quicken®) file and import that file into QuickBooks® or Quicken®. This process does not require credentials to be entered in Quicken® or QuickBooks® since the file download occurs within M&T Online Banking site.

The file formats described are currently not available for download through M&T Online Banking. Customer who use Web Connect can convert to Direct Connect as an alternative.

3) Express Web Connect: QuickBooks® Online, Quicken® & Mint

Express Web Connect is the second of two automatic update options. Unlike Direct Connect which communicates through a direct link with M&T, Express Web Connect gathers your data through your log-in credentials to retrieve transactions from M&T Online Banking.

M&T Bank is an option for customers, but M&T Bank does not offer customer support for QuickBooks® Online. We ask that you reach out to Intuit for any questions/issues.