Celebrating National
Black Business Month

M&T is proud to take time to recognize, celebrate, and appreciate Black business owners who open their doors every day to patrons in their communities.

How can you support your local Black-owned Business?


Frequent Black-Owned Businesses

By purchasing from a minority owned business, you are actively supporting the owner, as well as supporting economic growth within the Black community. Additionally, every dollar spent helps keep money circulating within the local neighborhood while creating more job opportunities for people in the area. Consistent consideration will increase awareness of the value of Black businesses.



Share Your Positive Opinion Online

Celebrate and support Black-owned businesses by sharing your positive  opinion on social media. Word of mouth is a powerful and inexpensive marketing tool. Your positive opinion can help start ups grow into full fledged business owners.  A few minutes of your time and your optimistic opinion can leave a lasting mark.



Share Black-Owned Business Content With Your Networks

Social media allows small businesses to amplify their message and expand their reach towards diverse audiences. Sharing the content of Black-owned businesses supports their marketing efforts and introduces them to new customers. Sharing content is a form of advocacy and elevates the business' credibility with new audiences.


Find a Black-owned business directory 

The internet is full of resources for our consumption, there are plenty of Black-owned business directories out there,  you can find the best one that works for you!



Invest in Black-owned businesses

A great way to help Black entrepreneurs succeed in your community is investing in them. Take the time to speak with a financial expert to go through potential investment opportunities in your community. 


Shop from some of our favorite Black-owned businesses

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