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Nominate your small business customers today

Ideal candidates include:

  • Retail businesses, e.g., bookstores, home furnishings, clothing/apparel, bicycle shops, etc.
  • Restaurants, including coffee shops, bakeries and breweries
  • Community organizations, e.g., art galleries, animal rescues, museums, etc.
  • Professional services, e.g., car washes, hair salons, tattoo shops, etc.

Businesses would ideally have a physical location and not be a part of a large national franchise (think The Charmery Ice Cream shop vs. Friendly's).

They should also already have an established e-commerce presence, be able to sell their products/services online and have the means to ship non-perishable goods within the footprint.

Getting Started

Please fill out the application below. Upon submission, businesses will be evaluated to determine if they are the right fit and if so, you will be contacted in about a week.

Please do not let businesses know they are being considered until after they are approved. Once approved, you can let them know someone will be reaching out to start the onboarding process.

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Is this an existing M&T Bank customer?*
(e.g., business owner is very involved in the community, they been with the bank for a long time, it's a minority owned business, etc.)