Promote your Small Business

Become a part of the Spotlight Shop

The M&T Spotlight Shop is an effort completely dedicated to promoting small businesses like yours on our platforms. This year, we’re promoting businesses in more ways than ever.

Online, in person and on social

As a Spotlight Shop business, you have the opportunity to be featured in our virtual Spotlight Shop – a page on our site where shoppers from anywhere can explore your small business and even make a purchase.

A select few Spotlight Shop businesses will have the opportunity to be featured in one or more of our in-person Spotlight Shop events. This includes moving into our pop-up shop stationed outside a popular area in your city, joining us for a one-day event or setting up shop in a popular M&T Bank branch for a few weeks.

We may tap you to be featured in a blog we’re writing, share a quote for our social media channels or have the press cover your story! And if you have an upcoming event that you want us to share, we’re interested in that too!

Getting Started

Fill out the Spotlight Shop partner application below and one of our reps will be in touch soon.

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If multiple locations, please indicate which local region you would like to be featured in.

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Social Media Handles

Assets Needed

To complete your application, please send the below assets in one email to Please be sure to include both your business' name and "partner assets" in the subject line.

  • Your business logo in .PNG or transparent background
  • 3–5 photos of your business/products to be featured on the Spotlight Shop website
    • Images cannot be stock photos pulled from the web, and please ensure they are high-resolution
    • Anyone who is identifiable in the images will need to sign a photo release form

Partner Application

Please read the following and click 'I accept':

I hereby grant M&T the limited, non-transferable, revocable permission to use the information provided in this form and in any associated email or other correspondence. The information may include but is not limited to trademark(s), statements, artwork, images and slogans. The information should be used: (a) as described or depicted herein or sent hereto without modification (including without deletion of any trademark markings or legends); (b) for the purposes and in the manner understood between the parties, i.e., a “virtual” pop-up shop webpage and marketing/promotional activities related thereto; and (c) for the period mutually agreed to by the parties or until this permission is earlier revoked by me. M&T’s right to use the mark[s] is solely for the purposes mentioned above. No other use of the mark[s] is permitted without the express written consent of me. I may revoke this permission at any time by written notice to M&T. Revocation will apply to all future use of the mark[s] but will not require M&T to delete the mark[s] from any tangible materials if such use is not in violation of this grant of permission. I represent and warrant that I own all right, title, and interest in the mark[s], and that use of the mark[s] by M&T will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any party.