In celebration of the upcoming football game, (you know the one that’s sure to be SUPER where you have a big BOWL of your favorite dip) we wanted to highlight a few things that your business can do to stay relevant during the national event and create excitement for potential and existing customers.

Last year, the big game generated 40+ million interactions on social media and researched showed more than 50% of people posted to – or at least browsed – social media during the game, which means there are a lot of plays your business can run online to reach people during this popular time period.

Post in the moment.

Before the game, plan a couple of posts to fit what will likely happen during the game so you can quickly post in the moment. Maybe pick six? Ha, get it?

Idea starters: Have an employee pumped up about a touchdown or choose one of your favorite products to create a spoof of one of the big commercials that is set to air. There are a lot of sites out there where you can watch the ads before they play during the big game.  Or just be ready to create relevant content that you can’t predict. You have the power to be the next “Dunk in the Dark!

Hold a gameday giveaway.

A contest is a great way to get new eyes on your business because you can prompt people to tag their friends who may not have touched down on your social handle yet.

Idea starters: Create a prize-focused post with a list of rules to enter focused on scoring you new followers. We suggest users:

  • Follow you on Instagram
  • Like your post and tag a friend in the comments who they can’t do game day without
  • Reshare this post on their story

Looking to generate some content from the giveaway? You could also ask people to submit a photo of their best gear, dish or place to watch the game and repost them with a poll asking users who should win.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to have users include relevant hashtags in the comments. This will generate more traffic to your page. #gamedaygiveaway


Create a unique game day discount.

While the teams are running the ball, you could be running a discount based on the game.

Idea starters: A giveaway can be as simple as a percentage off for Sunday only or you can amp up the adrenaline by offering a certain deal only available during halftime, giving something away based on what team wins or discounting an item based on what jersey number scores a touchdown first.


Team up with another local business.

You're driving down the road in your hometown and you see three businesses rocking the block with a pregame party on Saturday afternoon. Are you stopping? We know we are! Consider hosting a weekend pregame party that will make your business a real win!

Idea starters: Get a balloon arch out front or some other photo op to attract eyes. Consider having a DJ, something guests can make or sample or sell items that are great for the game. Extra activities will not only get people to stay longer, but you’ll also boost your brand perception and awareness.

Even just altering your menu or adding a special to fit the football theme will make shoppers more inclined to order it or choose your spot over another for watching the game. Don’t be that business that doesn’t do anything. After all, football is the most popular sport in America!


Show us what you’re doing!

As the official bank of the Buffalo Bills and the Baltimore Ravens, we showed our support this season by highlighting businesses that are Bills and Ravens fans both on our own social platforms and on our virtual Spotlight Shop. We even hosted pep rallies and sent limited-edition gear to the businesses to bring some extra spirit to their shops.

That being said, if your business is doing something special for the big game, share it with us on social @mandt_spotlightshop, we’d love to feature you!


No matter if you’re tuning in for Kansas, Philly or Rihanna this year, we’re all rooting for small businesses, and we hope the excitement of this upcoming weekend brings new opportunities for yours.