Spring can be a great time for your salon to add in a few fresh marketing and business tactics. Hop in our (virtual) styling chair as our marketing experts share some top trends that are helping to grow salon clientele in 2024.

1. Re-eval your retail

A new season is an excellent opportunity to rejuvenate your retail. Can you better differentiate yourself by carrying exclusive products that other salons around don't?

Using the hair care you sell during service and handing it out as samples are complimentary ways to convert clients over to your products. Customers buying your services + your products = stopping into your salon more frequently.

2. Host a spring giveaway

We know, we know, you know social giveaways can attract new clientele and followers. But a reminder that this is a great opportunity to get rid of some of your leftover products and make space for new retail! The "Shine through Spring Product Giveaway" certainly has a ring to it (permission to steal the name 😉).

3. Start a special discount club

Spring is an exciting time to introduce something new! Some salons are leaning into special discounts for a certain demographic to expand their clientele.

Idea: Many women in their thirties are advancing in their careers, becoming mothers, experiencing changes in their bodies, etc. Let your salon shine as a place to boost their self-image and provide some well-deserved "me time." "The 30s Club" could simply be a special discount or an exclusive added-on service.

You can of course customize this club idea to reach a different audience, ie. "The Seniorsitas Club," "The Bride-To-Be Club," you get the idea!

4. Increase your rebooking volume

With 80% of salon business coming from rebooking, it should always be on your mind. Consider adding a percentage off customers' next service when they rebook right at your front desk.

If you find your appointment book is not completely full, use customer-friendly booking software like Vagaro or Square to send out comms about day-of discounted appointments.

If it's been five weeks since your client's last color treatment or they haven’t been back to your salon in a few months, send them a cheerful email or text reminder with a link to book online.

5. Throw a spring client appreciation event

A VIP appreciation event is a great way to show your appreciation for your regulars. The event can include some freebies, mini services, giveaways and more refreshing fun. Maybe your clients even get to bring a friend along!

6. Take part in Hairstylist Appreciation Day

Thursday, April 25 is Hairstylist Appreciation Day. How are you celebrating?

Consider blocking off a longer lunch period and getting catering from one of your favorite local restaurants. Highlight your stylists on socials or even give out a spring bonus. Appreciation for your workers outside of the typical holiday season can go a long way!

7. Team up with another local business

Have a beloved coffee shop, yoga studio or boutique nearby? Partner with them to give out some haircare samples or a spring coupon for your salon. You can return the favor by giving away or promoting something of theirs at your front desk. This is a great and easy way to bring in more local clientele. 

8. Leverage rebates for updates

If you're looking to update your ambiance with new lightning, upgrade equipment or even refresh your health and safety measures, it might be worth checking your utility company’s website first. Some utility companies like National Grid actually have a small business–specific marketplace with rebates on equipment ranging from LED light bulbs you can find at big-box stores to water-saving salon valves.

Fun fact: Not only is lighting a big part of your overall salon ambiance, but it can make up a large portion of your storefront’s energy bill. LED and CFL light bulbs use 75% less energy – saving you about $200 a year for every five light bulbs you change. So don’t sleep on this upgrade!

9. Give your taxes a trim

Spring also means tax season, and many businesses are not aware of all the tax deductions that may apply to them. Here is a reminder of expenses to consider. Keep saving those receipts!

  • Professional expenses (Legal fees, accounting services)
  • Tools and equipment (Blow dryers, hair clippers)
  • Hair products (Shampoo, heat protectant)
  • Marketing and advertising (Business cards, boosted social ads)
  • Staff expenses (Food, staff parties)
  • Training (Conferences, classes)
  • Travel (Outside of normal commute)
  • Licenses (Certifications, recertifications)
  • Insurance (Hair stylist, renters)
  • Rent and utilities (Gas, electric)
  • Software (Scheduling platforms, management software)
  • Clothing (Smocks, footwear)
  • Office (Printers, paper)
  • Long-term investments (Chairs, sinks)
  • Bank Charges (Service fees)
  • Energy savings improvements (Lighting, heating upgrades)


10. Pump up the volume on social

"Boosting a post" means getting your advertisement in front of Facebook and Instagram users who are beyond your existing followers. You can actually choose the specific consumer base you want to reach with filters for age, gender, location, and more.

We encourage you to add at least one boosted post to your spring social plan to see how it performs. Even one boosted post can do wonders for your brand's visibility and follower count.

We hope you lather, rinse and repeat some of these ideas over at your salon. Let us know if you need a new product tester, okay? We love a good hair spray! 

The content of this page is for informational purposes only. It is not designed or intended to provide financial, tax, legal, investment, accounting, or other professional advice since such advice always requires consideration of individual circumstances. Please consult with the professionals of your choice to discuss your situation.