Beep, beep! M&T’s mobile Spotlight Shop is officially back on tour.

Imagine walking in your city and stumbling upon the bright green M&T Spotlight Shop trailer that’s featuring a coffee shop you’ve never heard of. You get a delicious cup of joe and realize the business being featured has a location that isn’t far away from where you live. Fast forward three months and you’re a regular at the coffee shop. Doesn’t that sound like an incredible scenario? Well, that’s exactly why we created the M&T mobile Spotlight Shop – to help small businesses reach more people!

Each year, when the weather gets warm, we roll out our mobile Spotlight Shop and travel around to different cities for the summer. The shop parks in a popular destination for a few weeks, where it features a small business or two from the community. From cafes to cosmetic companies, one partnered small business from the area comes in, sets up the shop-on-wheels to their liking and then runs it on their own for a bit before switching with another business.

You’ve probably heard of (or even used) our virtual Spotlight Shop, a page on our site where shoppers from anywhere can explore small businesses. Most recently, we've also started featuring small businesses' products and services in select M&T Bank branches.

This year, we’re excited to announce our mobile shop will be traveling to more areas than ever before.

So where are we stopping first?

Great question! The mobile Spotlight Shop started off in Baltimore, MD, at Charles St. Promenade with Thread Coffee. Here’s a look!

Over the last few weeks we've travelled to a few spots in Long Island, and now we’re headed over to Delaware. There is a lot more information to be shared, as well as locations and small business partnerships rolling out, but we couldn’t wait to tell you that our wheels are spinning.

Follow the Spotlight Shop on Instagram so you can keep up with all the cool spots we'll be headed to next. We hope to see you out there this summer!