Committed to Our Communities

As we continue to evolve our sustainability journey, we share our key focus areas from 2023, highlighting our successes and exploring opportunities for improvement. We hope you find this report insightful and encourage your feedback.

M&T's 2023 Sustainability Report

We believe we can make the biggest impact by investing in our people, fostering prosperous and inclusive communities, and preserving our planet. Our approach is built on a foundation of strong governance and continued engagement of our stakeholders.

Fostering Prosperity

Prosperity has many meanings. To us, it is about doing what we can as a community-focused bank to build an equitable economy and financial system for all our neighbors. When our communities have access to the services and solutions they need to thrive, then we have fulfilled that mission. 2023 highlights:

  • $690.5 billion in financing to projects that include affordable housing

  • 1,822 Small Business Administration loans originated, totaling $224.2 million

  • 249,382 hours dedicated by M&T staff to volunteering in our communities

  • $53.6 million in grants committed to supporting our communities by M&T and The M&T Charitable Foundation

  • $2.5 billion in total Social Sustainable Finance loans and investments


Nurturing our People

Our people are, and always have been, our greatest competitive advantage. As talented and purpose-driven individuals, they are key difference makers in helping us enrich our communities and make M&T a fulfilling place to work. In turn, our focus on our Sustainability Priorities helps us to create an environment that effectively supports their efforts. 2023 highlights:

  • 94% participation by employees in M&T's 401(k) plan

  • 63 employees joined the organization through apprenticeship programs

  • 9.6 years of average employee tenure 

  • 40 average hours of training per employee

We invite you to read our full 2023 Sustainability Report

Preserving Our Planet By Financing a Sustainable Future

Caring for our planet is a core element in fulfilling our purpose of making a difference in people’s lives. As a community-focused bank, our role is to support our customers and communities, helping them adapt to the climate impacts of today and proactively working to address the risks and opportunities for tomorrow. 2023 highlights:

  • $670.9 million in total environmental sustainable finance loans and investments

  • 23% electricity consumption reduction year over year

  • 60% achieved of our $1 billion commitment to renewable energy projects

  • $1.1 million in M&T charitable environmental contributions

Stewarding Our Principles of Governance

The foundation of our sustainability efforts is, above all, our adherence to our strong governance practices. Everything we do is based on our guiding principles of conducting ourselves ethically, responsibly, and in the best interest of all of our stakeholders. Fostering prosperity in our communities, preserving our planet, and nurturing our people would not be possible without this most important commitment. 2023 highlights:

  • 24% of Board directors were women

  • 90% of employees believe the company is committed to ethical business practices

  • 100% of responses to complaints made to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau were timely

  • 248,574 hours of mandatory assigned training completed 

M&T Bank Sustainability Index

We have created the following sustainability metrics index to report on key areas of our performance that tie to the Sustainability Strategy and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) alignment.

Capitalism Pillars: Planet, People and Prosperity

We engaged a third-party to perform a limited assurance engagement over certain GHG emissions and electricity consumption metrics within our inventory for the 2023 reporting year. Read the GHG Assurance Statement to learn more.

We invite you to read our full 2023 Sustainability Report