Accounts & Services Guide

As you get closer to transition weekend, we want to help you prepare. This page is your quick start guide where we share key dates, important changes to your business account, new features coming your way and how to contact us when you need our support.

Getting ready for transition weekend September 2–5, 2022


Prepare early for transition weekend by scheduling payments and withdrawing cash and coin prior to the weekend. Speak to your relationship manager about anything you may need prior to the weekend.


Branches close early. Please check the posted signs at your branch. People’s United Online and Mobile Banking and eTreasury+ will no longer be available after 5pm ET.


Branches reopen. M&T digital services are available.

Branches will be unavailable transition weekend.

Branches and online/mobile banking will be unavailable Saturday, Sept. 3–Monday, Sept. 5, 2022. Plan to visit the branch earlier that week for your banking needs.

General account information

As you transition to M&T Bank, here is what you need to know.

Checking account numbers

Your account number will remain the same for your checking account, unless we notify you otherwise.

Account number changes to other accounts

You'll receive a new account number for the following:

  • Savings
  • Money Market
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Loans and lines of credit

Your new account numbers will be sent to you in a separate mailing prior to transition weekend.

Posting order changes

After transition weekend, funds from cash and checks you deposit will be paid in a different order. For details, see page 52 in the Commercial Deposit Account Terms and Conditions (PDF).

No changes to Merchant Services

There's nothing you need to do differently.

  • Use your existing merchant software and terminals
  • Your login experience and credentials will remain the same
  • Merchant proceeds will continue to be deposited as usual
  • Continue to call Merchant Assist at 1-800-617-1723 for your customer service needs

Using checks and deposit slips with your checking account

Keep using your checks.

Continue using your existing People's United checks until your supply runs out, even after transition weekend. 

Reorder Check Icon

Order M&T checks.

Call Deluxe, M&T's check provider, at 1-800-839-9382 (Monday through Friday 8am–8pm and Saturday 9:00am–5:30pm ET) or order online at

Signing Check Icon

Use new deposit slips.

You can:

  • Use the generic slips at the branch
  • Order new slips with your current check vendor using the updated routing number
  • Order new slips online at or call 1-800-839-9382 (Monday through Friday 8am–8pm and Saturday 9:00am–5:30pm ET)

Use M&T's routing number.

Use the M&T routing number 022000046 after transition weekend. Please provide this to any clients or customers that require it.

Debit and ATM Cards

Important dates and action items to remember.

Two weeks prior to transition weekend

  • You'll be mailed an M&T Business Debit Card or ATM Card for Business with a new card number, expiration date and 3-digit security code
  • Activate your M&T Business Debit Card as soon as you receive it. M&T ATM Cards for Business do not need to be activated
  • Continue to use your current People’s United Card until transition weekend
  • Your PIN will remain the same, unless we notify you otherwise

Saturday of transition weekend

  • Begin using your new M&T Business Debit Card or ATM Card for Business
  • Safely discard your People's United Card

See pages 32 and 42 in the Commercial Deposit Account Terms and Conditions (PDF) booklet for additional fees that may apply, as well as for information about the number and dollar amount of transactions that can be made daily with M&T Business Debit or ATM Cards.

Update recurring payments.

After transition weekend, remember to update any recurring payments linked to your debit card with your new card information.

Managing your payment activity

Wire transfers and ACH transactions

Receiving wire transfers 

Checking accounts

You’ll continue receiving incoming wire transfers using the same routing and transfer information you use today (unless you’ve been notified your account number is changing).

Savings and money market accounts

Please notify the  sender of your new account number and M&T's routing number. After transition weekend, any wires directed to the old account number will be returned to the sender and need to be reinitiated.

Below is the new routing information.

  • Domestic: Provide M&T Bank's routing number 022000046, your account number and your account title
  • International: Provide SWIFT address MANTUS33, your account number and account title. M&T Bank CHIPS UID for International USD wires is: 0555
Originating wire transfers

Following transition weekend, you can initiate an outgoing wire payment by visiting any branch or by using our digital services (if you're enrolled). 

Receiving ACH transactions

Continue to use the same account  number and routing number as you use today (unless you’ve been notified your account number is changing).

Your elections for incoming ACH transactions have been set up on M&T’s ACH processing system to mirror the way they were set up on People’s United systems (for example, ACH blocks, ACH stop payments).

Originating ACH transactions 

Individual ACH transactions from your checking or savings account set up prior to conversion will be processed. You will need to re-approve recurring ACH transactions set up prior to conversion. Additional details will be sent in a separate Treasury Management services communication.

Your loan and credit card payments

Your payments will continue as scheduled unless you’ve been notified otherwise. 

Commercial credit card

Your current payment arrangement to your People’s United Commercial Card balance will be transferred over to your new M&T Visa® Commercial Card Program.

You will receive a separate communication about the transition of your card to M&T with full details.

Business credit card

Your current payment arrangement to your People’s United Business Card balance will be transferred over to your new M&T Visa® Business Credit Card account.

You will receive a separate communication about the transition of your card to M&T with full details.

Loan payments

If you make loan payments with automatic deductions, this will continue without interruption.

Note: We will only attempt to deduct a loan payment once each month from your account. 

Prepare for M&T's digital banking services.

Visit our business mobile and online banking resource center and Treasury Management Services page for more information to help you prepare.

Your account statements

Key updates for you to keep in mind.

Checking, savings and money market accounts

Two statements will be provided for the month of the transition:

  • You'll receive a final People's United statement covering the period from your last statement date to the date your accounts move to M&T systems
  • You'll receive a statement from M&T covering the period from the time your accounts are moved to M&T systems to your next regular statement date

Future statements will be sent on approximately the same schedule as they are today and by the same delivery method you have currently.

Analysis statements

Analysis statements will be sent via the same delivery method you have currently selected at People's United. Paper account analysis statements will be sent separately, not combined with checking statements.

Check images

Statements will display images of the front side of your canceled checks for your checking account. Front and back images can be viewed online.

Business loan and line of credit accounts

You'll continue to receive People's United statements as normal until transition weekend. After the transition, you'll receive M&T statements with updated payment instructions.

Commercial and business credit card accounts

  • Your first M&T statement will have any transactions from the date of your last People's United statement through transition weekend until your next cycle date with M&T
  • Commercial Card only: After transition weekend, your Commercial Card statements will be available in CentreSuite® for both cardholders and administrators. More information about using CentreSuite® will be emailed prior to transition weekend

Print important documents.

Before transition weekend, print or save any important documents from People's Online Banking for your records.

Watch for communications about other accounts and services:

  • Business loan and line of credit accounts
  • Commercial and business credit cards
  • Mobile and online banking services
  • People’s Securities Inc. and People’s United Advisor accounts
  • Personal accounts
  • Treasury Management services
Unless otherwise specified, all advertised offers and terms and conditions of accounts and services are subject to change at any time without notice. After an account is opened or service begins, it is subject to its features, conditions and terms, which are subject to change at any time in accordance with applicable laws and agreements. Please contact an M&T representative for details.