Transformed landmarks harness a new way of working.

The Tech Hub at Seneca One accelerated our commitment to collaboration and innovation which now expands to the Tech Hubs in Buffalo, NY, and Wilmington, DE.

Where people and ideas collide

The Tech Hubs' power and purpose are unleashed through creative collisions that spark collaboration.

Built for talented and creative people to come together to share ideas and solve problems, the Tech Hubs increase the velocity of tech development and solution delivery.

A transformational movement

With inclusive growth, the M&T Tech community is coming together to accelerate innovation.

Recognizing the potential to create lasting change, the M&T Tech community is uniting behind the vision and adopting collaborative, selfless behaviors to support the development of our tech ecosystems.

Byron Brown

Buffalo Mayor

How the city is strengthening the ecosystem and fostering transformational change.

Douglas Jemal

Douglas Development

Why we need to collaborate to modernize our infrastructure and build inviting spaces.

Colleen Heidinger


How the ecosystem will elevate the startup community and create a culture of innovation.

Micro Learn with Us

Data Foundations Course

The M&T Tech Academy is proudly partnering with Pluralsight One to launch a micro-credential program.  At this time the application window has closed.

2,000 Employees
are part of M&T Tech

Dozens of Startups
& Tech-Oriented Firms
based in Buffalo's Innovation Corridor

1,000 Technologists
to be hired within 3-5 years

Build your career with us

At M&T we believe connections matter.

We are always looking for talented, community-minded,
tech-forward people to join our team. 

Building a modern innovation ecosystem

The Tech Hubs harness technology’s potential to shape our future. Buffalo, NY and Wilmington, DE are places where people and ideas collide to create technology solutions, start and grow companies and generate inclusive growth.

The Tech Hubs at Seneca One and Lafayette Court are part of Buffalo's Innovation Corridor, in the heart of downtown, extending from Canalside to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. 

Seneca One and Lafayette Court accelerate Buffalo's push to win in the race for relevance, a critical competition to attract, develop and retain talent – building the creative density needed to emerge as a great tech city. 

M&T Tech's generational investment drives sustained economic momentum, a commitment from M&T to make Buffalo a vibrant place to live, work, create and collaborate.

The Buffalo, NY, and Wilmington, DE, collaborative workplaces are home to about 2,000 M&T technologists, attracting new people to the bank and developing homegrown talent. 

M&T Tech built the Tech Academy with the goal of cultivating a more inclusive tech workforce.  The Tech Academy is building non-traditional, community-based talent pipelines as well as providing continuous learning for M&T's technologists.

Deploying modern agile design methodologies, technologists collaborate to accelerate the development of new solutions that make a difference in our customer’s lives. 

Community and Collaboration

Every company can support the innovation ecosystems by adopting collaborative, selfless behaviors that drive shared prosperity and community development. The Tech Hubs in Wilmington and Buffalo accelerate this movement.

Meet some our technology partners.