As technology has disrupted so many industries, the mortgage process has gotten a digital makeover, too. Whether you’re buying or refinancing a home, online mortgage pre-approval applications make the process easier and more convenient than ever, giving you an faster pre-approval answer. Here are five reasons why your next mortgage pre-approval application should be online.

1. Get started before your coffee gets cold

Whether you have some time before your next conference call or waiting for the kids to finish their homework, you can apply for pre-approval using your phone, tablet, laptop, or other device. The application guides you through each step. 

2. Say “good-bye” to chasing paper statements

Follow the simple, intuitive prompts to guide you through the online pre-approval application process. The app can import your financial data from your bank, wherever you are. No more searching for paper statements. Just input your information and the application does the chasing for you.

3. Need a nudge? No problem

If you do need to follow up with any additional documentation, such as income verification for self-employed people or documentation of a gift, the application tracks any additional required information you need to provide. Periodically, the app will send you reminders about open items, so nothing falls through the cracks and you can get your answer faster.

4. Get assistance when you need it

If you need help at any point in the process, an experienced loan expert is available to answer your questions or give you guidance. Whether you have a simple question or a complicated financial situation, the expert advice you need is just a phone call away to help you make decisions confidently.

5. Your answer is delivered faster

If your pre-approval application is approved, you will receive an official M&T mortgage pre-approval letter. This digital document is just as binding as any other mortgage approval letter and will help you understand the loan amount for which you have been approved, so you can shop for your home or proceed with your refinance or remodel with confidence.

Online mortgage pre-approval applications put you in charge, making buying or refinancing a home easier, faster, and more convenient. Apply when and where you wish, and when the time is right for you. Get the answers you need and you make your next moves with confidence.

Apply online or contact a loan officer to start your mortgage journey.

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