Multicultural Banking

We are committed to our diverse community of customers.


Growing with our multicultural families and businesses.

At M&T, we understand that the needs and desires that our Multicultural communities have are distinctive. We are committed to meeting those unique needs, whether you are multilingual, a person of color, an immigrant, refugee, LGBTQ+, a person with different abilities, or a combination. Here at M&T, we celebrate you and empower you with the financial tools and resources you need to thrive!

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Our bankers reflect our community, we have multiple languages available to help navigate our financial services.



Our bankers can assist our customers in
240 languages. 

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Showing our commitment.


Small Business Labs

At M&T Bank, we believe multicultural small businesses are an integral part of our communities. We are committed to the growth, future and empowerment of these businesses and provide information, tools, resources, and connections to accelerate their efforts.

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Learning Insights from LGBTQ+ leaders

M&T hosted a panel of LGBTQ+ leaders to gather insights, learn and understand the needs of our LGBTQ+ business community. It was a time where we shared information, discussed community resources, and established networking opportunities. We learned how businesses can share information and strategies, how to build a network, connect on peer group mentoring and gained an understanding of the unique challenges and needs that our LGBTQ+ communities have.

M&T partners on community-focused LGBTQ+ mural

When the Albright-Knox Art Gallery presented an opportunity to partner on a community-focused LGBTQ+ mural in 2020, we were honored to participate in a project that would advocate for human rights and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Mickey Harmon and Ari Moore painted the mural to not only highlight current and past LGBTQ+ activists who helped change the world, but to share their messages around inclusivity, love, and community.

Introducing a new app for people with disabilities

We are excited to be the first U.S.-based bank to partner with Magnusmode. MagnusCards® is a free storytelling app that helps people with autism, ADHD, acquired brain injury, Down syndrome, dementia and other cognitive disabilities gain independence.M&T’s MagnusCards® introduce you to fundamental steps in banking. Topics include counting money, using an ATM, making a withdrawal from a teller and making a purchase with your debit card.

Mural celebrates local jazz legend

Our Kensington branch in Buffalo, New York showcases a beautiful mural that aims to uplift our community and the surrounding neighborhood by celebrating Grover Washington, Jr., a musician born in Buffalo whose impact was felt around the world. The mural will help bring new awareness and attention to this jazz legend whose story began right here in our hometown. 

Our executive promise.

Perhaps one of our most pivotal impacts in the past year has been in the service of those constituents in our communities who speak English as a second, or even third or fourth, language. Multi-lingual communities are commonplace; as such, we have embraced the languages of our local communities in our branches—now with branch staff fluent in languages such as Spanish, Korean, Russian, Polish, Mandarin and Burmese. While we recognize that every customer interaction may not be perfect, we can always strive to reduce barriers for customers— whether that be language, accessibility, accommodation or simply being a friendly face.


At M&T, we are commited to investing in infrastructures that enable us to prioritize our deep understanding of multicultural consumers’ financial attitudes and behaviors. We teach them how to budget, how to responsibly own a home and how to grow their business - this is how we make a difference. This is how we uplift our communities.


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