M&T's Easy Save

Make automatic transfers from your M&T checking account to your M&T savings account, so you can build your savings the easy way.

Sit back and watch your savings grow.

Starting a savings routine is an important first step to building financial stability. And it's a must-have if you want to be prepared for unforeseen expenses, like car repairs or medical bills.

M&T’s Easy Save allows you to transfer money from your M&T checking account to your M&T savings account at regular intervals of your choosing. And because it's automatic, you don't have to worry about it except when you want to make changes.


Enjoy convenient online management.

When you set up automatic savings through M&T Online Banking, you can manage your settings any day or any time.

  • Set the amount of your transfer (there’s no minimum)
  • Choose the frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • You can cancel or make changes to the amount and frequency at any time

There are two ways to set up M&T's Easy Save.


  1. Log in to M&T Online Banking
  2. Under “Payments and Transfers,” click "Transfer between your M&T accounts"
  3. Enter the specifics of the transfer(s) in the "Details" section and click next
  4. Review your transfer details and click submit to authorize your transaction

​At an M&T branch

  1. Visit your local M&T branch​
  2. One of our experienced Relationship Bankers will help you set up M&T's Easy Save


M&T is here to help.

Benefit from our experience. Contact your nearest branch today to set up an appointment with a Relationship Banker who can assist you with defining your goals, creating a savings action plan, and monitoring your progress.