Term Life Insurance

Make life insurance planning part of your long-term financial strategy to help you provide for your family’s future financial needs and protect your assets. Learn how M&T Securities, Inc. can help.

Why consider Term Life Insurance?

Term Life Insurance policies can be used to help:

  • Tax-free death benefit paid to the beneficiaries
  • Sustain a small business in your absence
  • Avoid leaving a burden of debt on your loved ones after you're gone (such as a home equity line of credit, a home mortgage or a car loan)

How It Works

Term Life Insurance provides death benefit protection for a specified period of time. Proceeds are payable to a beneficiary at the death of the insured, provided the death occurs within the term of the life insurance policy. Term Life Insurance is typically the least expensive type of life insurance, as it covers a shorter period of time (from one to as many as 30 years) and does not include any cash value at the end of the term, like Permanent Life Insurance can.

Rates & Premiums

Term Life Insurance guarantees rates and coverage for an initial period. To remain covered beyond the initial contract you may need to sign a new application and pay an increase in premium.

Since term policy premiums are based on the likelihood of your death, the cost of insurance increases as you get older. Term Life Insurance does not offer cash value, but can often be converted to Permanent Life Insurance, which can provide lifetime protection and build cash values.

Features & Benefits

  • Term Life Insurance can be used on its own or to supplement a Permanent Life Insurance​ policy and provide additional coverage
  • Term Life Insurance is available for terms such as 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 years
  • Certain riders (or options) can be attached to Term Life Insurance policies, which are designed to enhance the basic coverage offered under the policy
  • Your beneficiary will be paid the face value of the policy if death occurs before the term expires

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Term Life Insurance may not be appropriate for everyone. Speak with an M&T Securities, Inc. Financial Advisor to see if Term Life Insurance makes sense for you.
Cash value of a life insurance policy should not be considered an investment. Any partial withdrawals or a loan that you do not pay back reduce the death benefit. Loans or withdrawals in excess of the premiums you paid may be taxable. If your policy lapses with a loan outstanding, the amount of the loan may be considered taxable to you.
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