Web Trading Security

At M&T Securities, Inc., we work hard to make investing online as secure as it is convenient. See what actions you can take to further protect your information.

How We Protect Your Financial Information 

Keeping your information private is our number one concern. Here are just some of the measures we've taken to protect your financial information:

​Unique User Identification

M&T requires that you create two unique pieces of identification at enrollment – User ID and password. This information is required when you login, view your accounts or place a trade.

​One-Time Passcode

You will be directed to set up a One-Time Passcode. This will assist you in the event you need to reset a forgotten password or unlock yourself from the website. Anytime the website does not recognize the device you are using, you will be prompted to enter a One-Time Passcode. One-Time Passcodes are delivered to you securely via text, email or phone call.

​Encryption & Secure Browsers

To use M&T Web Trading, we require that you use a secure browser with 128-bit SSL encryption. Please see all Web Trading system requirements for additional information, including supported browsers and operating systems.

​Session Timeout

We will close your connection to M&T Web Trading after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Measures You Can Take 

In addition to all the security measures we have put in place, we recommend that you take the following actions to further protect your information:

​Always sign off. 

Don't leave your computer during an M&T Web Trading session. Always sign off when you complete a session or leave your computer.

​Choose a strong password.  

Select a User ID and password that are difficult for others to guess, but easy for you to remember. We suggest that you avoid using family member names, local sports team names, birthdates, anniversaries, addresses or phone numbers.

​Never share your password or user ID.   

Do not share your User ID or password with anyone. An M&T employee will never need to know your password, and you should never give it to anyone claiming to represent M&T Securities, Inc. or M&T Bank.

Report any security concerns.   

If you feel your password or User ID have been compromised, let us know immediately by calling 1-800-724-7788. Do not send us this information via email.



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