Visa Secure F A Qs

What is Visa Secure? It's an easy and more secure way to shop online. Find the answers to the most common questions about Verified by Visa right here.

What is Visa Secure?

Visa Secure is a service provided by M&T Bank and Visa® to help enhance the security on your card. It helps ensure that only you are using your M&T Credit Card​ or M&T Debit Card​ to shop online.

Registration is not required, all M&T consumer and business Credit and Debit card users are eligible to participate in Visa Secure.

​It provides added assurance when using your M&T Credit Card or Debit Card to make purchases online, adding another layer of security to help verify your identity. You can be comfortable that any online merchant using the Visa Secure ​security system is a legitimate commercial entity.

Your information is transmitted using the highest level of encryption.​

No. Visa Secure is offered to you free of charge.

Since your M&T Credit or M&T Debit Card will automatically be recognized at any merchant participating in Visa Secure, you can continue to shop as you do today.

Merchants who utilize Visa Secure will have the Visa Secure logo on their website at checkout. After Visa is selected as the payment method, messaging will be displayed to notify you that Visa Secure will be utilized for this particular transaction.

Note: Using Visa Secure is up to the merchant, and not every transaction from the same merchant will utilize the Visa Secure process.

Visa Secure is very easy to use. Once you activate your card, you can start taking advantage of the feature by shopping anywhere that utilizes Visa Secure.

​Yes, you can make purchases on any computer or device which supports online transactions.​

To ensure the highest amount of security, Visa Secure transactions may be denied. In certain instances, for example using a new or unknown computer, transactions may not be eligible because our advanced technology could not accurately identify you. If your transaction was denied, a pop-up window will be displayed providing contact information for an M&T representative.

To continue processing your transaction, please contact the number located within the pop-up window and an M&T service representative will be able to assist with investigating the cause of the denial and work with you to complete the transaction.

If your card is lost or stolen, you should immediately report the incident:

  • Log in to Online Banking and select Report a Lost or Stolen Card from the Services Menu
  • Log in to the M&T Mobile App, select Card Services from the Menu, and select Report a Lost or Stolen Card
  • Call 1-800-724-1552
  • Visit your local branch
Visa® is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association.
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