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Bank Deposit Sweep Program (BDSP®)

Annual Percentage Yield 0.15%

Annual Percentage Yield as of 8/8/2022

Bank Deposit Sweep Program (BDSP®) Disclosure Document


Fidelity Money Market Funds*

7-Day Net Annualized Yields

Weekly Yields as of 8/8/2022

Please review the Prospectus and Investor Fact Sheet found under each fund before making an investment. 

  Fund Symbol        Fund Name   7-Day Net Yield1     

  Fidelity* Treasury Fund Capital Reserves

  Prospectus  |  Fact Sheet


  Fidelity* Government Money Market Capital Reserves

  Prospectus  |  Fact Sheet


*Although money market funds seek to maintain a stable $1.00 share price, there is no guarantee that they will be able to do so. Past performance is not indicative of future results. For more complete information and before investing you should review the prospectus. Call us at 1-800-392-3009 to have a prospectus mailed to you. Read it carefully before you invest or send money. 

1. The 7-day net annualized yield is based on the average net income per share for the seven days ended on the date of calculation and the offering price on that date.  

The following margin rates apply as of the effective date shown below: 

   Average Debit Balance       Interest Charged Above/Below the National Financial Base Lending Rate ("NFBLR:")*     Current Margin Rates          
  $0 - $24,999     2.25   9.25%
    $25,000 - $49.999   1.75   8.75%
   $50,000 - $99.999   1.25   8.25%
  $100,000 - $249,999   1.00   8.00%
  $250,000 - $999,999   -0.25   6.75%
  $1,000,000+   -0.75   6.25%

Effective 07/27/2022

*The NFBLR is set at the discretion of National Financial Services LLC (NFS) with references to commercially recognized interest rates, industry conditions regarding the extension of margin credit, and general credit conditions. NFS is an independent company, unaffiliated with People's Securities, Inc. NFS is a service provider to People's Securities, Inc. (PSI) There is no form of legal partnership, agency affiliation, or similar relationship between PSI and NFS, nor is such a relationship created or implied by the information herein. NFS has not been involved with the preparation of the content supplies by PSI and does not guarantee or assume any responsibility for its content.

Under SEC Rule 606 (“Rule”), broker-dealers such as People’s Securities, Inc. (“PSI”) that route equity and option orders on behalf of customers are required to prepare quarterly reports that disclose specific information about their order routing practices for non-directed orders in NMS stocks and option contracts in NMS securities. A non-directed order is any order that the customer has not specifically instructed to be routed to a particular venue for execution.

These order routing practices reports are made available to the public free of charge for each calendar quarter. Please see below for PSI's reports formatted in the manner prescribed by the Rule for 2020 reports ending June 30, 2020.


2020 Q2 PSI Quarterly Report (PDF)

2020 Q2 PSI Quaterly Report (XML)

2020 Q1 PSI Quarterly Report (PDF)

2020 Q1 PSI Quarterly Report (XML)

Please click on the link below to view PSI's reports after June 30, 2020, formatted in the manner prescribed by the Rule. 


View Reports

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