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Give your online customers multiple ways to pay

Flexible e-commerce payment processing makes it easy for your customers to pay. Accept credit and debit cards as well as payment methods like mobile wallet, the preferred method of more and more customers. To accept payments online, you need three key components:

Payment gateways

This is how e-commerce payment processing connects to your website.

Payment processing

This is the step that confirms the customer has the funds to make the purchase.

Merchant account

Once the funds are confirmed as available, money is transferred into this account.

Key Features

Customer profiles and recurring payments. Store sensitive payment data on Visa secure servers to help simplify PCI compliance, automate recurring billing, and retrieve stored payment info to make repeat purchases easier for returning customers.

Advanced fraud detection suite (AFDS). Identify, manage, and help prevent suspicious and potentially fraudulent transactions with over a dozen customizable, rule-based fraud filters.

Alternative digital payments. Accept the latest digital payment options, including Android Pay®, Apple Pay®, PayPal®, and Visa Checkout®.

Simple invoicing. Simplify the billing process via digital invoices that contain a simple payment hyperlink. Additionally, draft invoices for sending later and view payment status for invoices already sent.

Sync for QuickBooks®. Save valuable time and money by automatically importing settled transactions directly into an existing QuickBooks account.

Simple checkout. Create “Buy Now” and “Donate” buttons for your website by simply copying and pasting Authorize.Net code. This is a perfect solution for donation sites and businesses selling a single solution.


Payment Processing

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Top questions, answered by our experts

To accept credit card payments online, you need three key components: a payment gateway, a payment processor and an e-commerce merchant account.

A payment gateway is the link in the chain that connects your online store with an e-commerce payment processor. The processor then confirms that the consumer has the funds they’ve committed to paying you. Once those funds are confirmed as available from the consumer, money is transferred to your e-commerce merchant account.

M&T’s Merchant Services Business Consultants can help get you up and running to start online credit card processing. Establish an e-commerce merchant account with M&T to begin accepting credit and debit cards as well as payment methods like mobile wallet, the preferred option of more and more consumers. And leverage our proven fraud protection and data security to accept payments online safely.

While cybercriminals are developing increasingly sophisticated scams to steal sensitive information, implementing the correct security measures can help protect your business, as well as your customers, and allow you to safely accept online payments. 

Cybercrime can happen as the result of a data breach, identity theft or when a physical credit card is stolen. It is best practice for your business to use fraud prevention tools and technology that still allow for a smooth buying experience for your customer. M&T Bank Merchant Services can help provide up-to-date solutions for card acceptance, chip technology, PCI compliance and encryption and tokenization.

Help protect your customers’ sensitive information and minimize your risk of loss. Encryption uses an algorithm to scramble card numbers into a non-readable form. Tokenization replaces card data with a randomly generated surrogate value. M&T can provide you the tools to do both.

It usually takes two to three days after a customer pays you by PayPal for the money to hit your account. Settlement and funding, where the money is transferred to your bank account, usually happens within a few days. 

A payment service provider (PSP) like PayPal is a one-size-fits-all approach to accepting payments. Connecting a business checking account to a merchant account provides a more robust, customizable option with faster funds availability. Merchant account advantages include the ability to receive next-day funding, assistance with PCI compliance, fraud protection, higher limits on transaction size and analytics tools to help you make decisions.

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