M&T Mobile for Business

The M&T Mobile Banking App consolidates all of the features of the business, mobile check deposit and personal apps into one convenient app.{{d204*}}

An upgraded M&T Mobile Banking app is available

Manage your business.

View your personal and business account information, deposited and cleared checks, and make transactions – all through a single app.

Deposit checks.

Deposit checks conveniently from your smartphone at no extra M&T charge.{{d204*}}, {{d121*}} Make same business-day check deposits until 8pm ET.{{d323*}} View deposited and cleared checks right within the app.

Access your money faster with M&T Flash Funds.

If your deposit qualifies, M&T Flash Funds will provide you the option to make your mobile deposit immediately available for withdrawals and/or purchases, for a fee{{d534*}} giving you the peace of mind that your money is available now.

Transfer funds.

Transfer funds between all eligible M&T accounts and make payments to M&T loan and credit card accounts.

Pay bills.

Quickly make payments to almost anyone{{d16*}} with our Bill Pay Guarantee  {{d15*}}. Don't have Bill Pay? You can now easily enroll by selecting Pay A Bill in the app.

Log in with your fingerprint or facial recognition.

Log in to your accounts using just your fingerprint or facial recognition on compatible devices.

View account balances, transactions and check images.

Access both your M&T personal and business accounts. Important information – like available balances and credit limits – is front and center to make life a little bit easier.

Manage Credit Cards.

Add Authorized Users to your credit card accounts and manage authorized user spend limits.

Mobile for Merchants.

Make every sale with the ability to offer mobile payment processing to your customers.{{d219*}}

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Mobile Banking for Business Frequently Asked Questions