Do Not Call Policy

Learn how to add your telephone number to our Do Not Call registry.

M&T Bank and Wilmington Trust are committed to honoring the requests of our current and prospective customers. In support of this commitment, and pursuant to regulations set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”), we have adopted this policy statement to be provided to consumers upon request.

M&T Bank and Wilmington Trust maintain a record of the names and contact telephone numbers of consumers who have advised us they do not wish to be called. If you do not wish to receive sales calls from M&T Bank or Wilmington Trust, you can ask us to place your telephone number on our Do Not Call List. In compliance with federal and state laws, we will document your request immediately. Please allow up to 30 days for your telephone number to be removed from any sales programs currently underway.

Your request can be made in writing or by phone, and must include your telephone number, address and name.

By phone: Submit your request for placement on the Do Not Call List by calling M&T Bank or Wilmington Trust at 1.800.724.2440 and speaking to a representative or leaving a message stating that you wish to be placed on the Do Not Call List. If leaving a message, be sure to leave the telephone number you would like added to our Do Not Call List.

By mail: Submit your request to be placed on the Do Not Call List and/or Do Not Mail List to:

M&T Bank (or Wilmington Trust)
Attn: Do Not Call List
PO Box 767
Buffalo, NY 14240

We will maintain the telephone number(s), address and name you provide on the Do Not Call List for five (5) years. If you have multiple phone numbers to be added to the Do Not Call List, please provide them all. If a person’s name, telephone number(s) and/or address changes, another request must be submitted with the new information to be added to our Do Not Call List.

Any e-mail or U.S. postal communication to you confirming receipt of your “Do Not Call” request will not be deemed to have violated this policy.

When we solicit prospective customers, we also honor “Do Not Call” requests on behalf of consumers listed on the National Do Not Call Registry maintained by the Federal Trade Commission, and similar lists owned by various state agency lists. If you are a customer, you may be contacted by us even though you are on a state Do Not Call list or the National Do Not Call Registry. If you, as a customer, do not want to be contacted by us, simply follow the steps above to be placed on the Do Not Call List, and you will not receive any sales calls. We may contact you, however, for non-solicitation purposes (potentially including surveys, billing and other service-related matters).

All personnel involved with telemarketing and/or telephone solicitation with M&T Bank and Wilmington Trust are trained, informed, and directed to comply with our Do Not Call Policy.

This Policy does not cover independent third parties, who may, on their own initiative, conduct telemarketing and/or telephone solicitation to market our products or services.

If a consumer requests a copy of our Do Not Call Policy, we will provide it via U.S. Mail or electronic mail.

M&T Bank and Wilmington Trust intend to comply with all federal and state Do Not Call laws and regulations. If you have any questions or comments regarding this Do Not Call Policy, you may also contact:

M&T Bank
Attn: Privacy
PO Box 767
Buffalo, NY 14240