M&T Digital Services Agreement: Change-In-Terms

The following is a change-in-terms for the M&T Digital Services Agreement.

The Digital Services Agreement ("Agreement"), which governs your use of M&T Digital Services, including M&T Mobile and Online Banking, has been updated.

Please see the summary of changes below. Please read the entire Agreement carefully and review the updated Digital Services Agreement as the summary does not cover all changes in detail.

Summary of Changes: 

Section E.2. (Accessing your Electronic Statements and Disclosures): This section was updated to explain that if the notice sent to your primary email address is returned as undeliverable we may send you a letter notifying you that an electronic document is available and advising you to update your primary email address. 

Section M.3. (General Provisions (Authorization)): This section was updated to confirm authorization for use of your mobile data to verify your identity.

Section M.11. (General Provisions (Electronic Messaging)): This section was updated to clarify target response times on secure internal messages.

Section M.19. (General Provisions (Limitation on our Liability (Business Accounts))): This section was updated to explain that we may refuse instructions from a person or entity you have authorized on your account and may also remove that person or entity’s access to your accounts or digital services. 

Your continued use of M&T Digital Services confirms your agreement and the agreement of any Customer you represent as Company Administrator, Authorized User, or any other fiduciary role based on the Eligible Accounts linked to your Online Banking profile, with these changes, so no further action is required at this time. If you choose to not accept these changes, please contact us to unenroll. 

To see the M&T Digital Services Agreement, please click on the following link: M&T Digital Services Agreement. If you have questions or wish to unenroll, please call 1-800-790-9130 (Monday-Friday 8am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm ET).