M&T Card Decks by MagnusCards®

MagnusCards® is a free storytelling app that helps people with autism, ADHD, acquired brain injury, Down syndrome, dementia and other cognitive disabilities gain independence.


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Once in the app, M&T’s MagnusCards® can be found under “Money Management”.

What are MagnusCards®?

MagnusCards® card decks provide simple-to-follow instructions on how to handle everyday activities like going to the bank, grocery shopping or riding the bus.

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What can I learn from M&T’s MagnusCards®?

We are excited to be the first U.S.-based bank to partner with Magnusmode.

M&T’s MagnusCards® introduce you to fundamental steps in banking. Topics include counting money, using an ATM, making a withdrawal from a teller and making a purchase with your debit card.

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For more details about the free app, visit the MagnusCards® site >.

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