M&T Digital Services Agreement: Change-In-Terms

The following is a change-in-terms for the M&T Digital Services Agreement.

The Digital Services Agreement ("Agreement"), which governs your use of M&T Digital Services, including M&T Mobile and Online Banking, has been updated.

Please see the summary of changes below. Please read the entire Agreement carefully and review the updated Digital Services Agreement as the summary does not cover all changes in detail.

Summary of Changes: 

Section A.6. (Your Devices & Software):  This section was updated to clarify supported devices and software.

Section A.10. (One-Time Verification Codes):  This section was added to detail how you can use one-time verification codes to verify your identity.

Section B.1.d. (Stop Recurring Payments):  This section was edited for clarity on where to send various correspondence.

Section B.2. (Account Balance and Transaction History):  This section was updated to explain that recent transaction history is available online.

Section C. (Bank to Bank Transfers (Personal Accounts)): This section was updated to include details on the M&T Money Smart and Bank to Bank Transfers connection for managing non-M&T account information and access. Additional information regarding the connection was also added to section C.3. (Bank to Bank Transfers (Personal Accounts) Reliance on Your Instructions).

Section C.4. (Bank to Bank Transfers (Personal Accounts) Types and Limitations on Transfers):  This section removes the description for a previously supported experience which expired January 30, 2021. The inbound and outbound transfer processing times and transfer limitations for the reinstated service, when available, will apply.

Section G.6. (Security of Your Mobile Device and Account Information):  This section was updated to include detail on your responsibility to maintain strong passwords.

Section G.11. (Temporary Retention and Disposal of Transmitted Checks and Items):  This section reduces the length of time you need to retain the original check for a Mobile Check Deposit from seventy calendar days to two business days or until the check deposit has posted (whichever is longer).

Section G.14. (Promises You Make to Us; Indemnity):  This section was updated to include detail on expected security measures for Mobile Check Deposit.

Section H.3. (Zelle Service (for Personal Accounts) Consent to Emails and Automated Text Messages): This section was updated to include details on your responsibility for any fees or other charges that your wireless carrier may charge.

Section H.14. (Zelle Service (for Personal Accounts) Wireless Operator Data):  This section was added to clarify how Zelle uses wireless operator data to verify your identity.

Section K.4. (M&T Money Smart (Personal Accounts) Non-M&T Accounts):  This section was updated to include details on the interaction between M&T Money Smart and Bank to Bank Transfers.

Section M.11. (Electronic Messaging): This section was updated to add texts to your mobile phone number or app notifications for messages or alerts. This section was also updated to explain that newly added or edited contact information may not be eligible for use to verify your identity.

Section M.16.b. (Notices of Error or Requests for Information (Mortgage Accounts)): This section was edited to direct your mortgage notifications to P.O. Box 62986.

Section M.28. (Addition of Personal Accounts and Mortgage Accounts to M&T Online Banking for Business): This section added headings to clarify categories of risk.

Your continued use of M&T Digital Services confirms your agreement with these changes, so no further action is required at this time. If you choose to not accept these changes, please contact us to unenroll. 

To see the M&T Digital Services Agreement, please click on the following link: M&T Digital Services Agreement. If you have questions or wish to unenroll, please call 1-800-790-9130 (Monday-Friday 8am-9pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm ET).