Easily Manage IOLA & IOLTA

Looking to simplify your IOLAs and IOLTAs? M&T is developing Nota, a digital tool that allows attorneys to easily organize & reconcile client funds in real-time.

An Easier Way to Manage Your IOLAs & IOLTAs

Interest on Lawyers Accounts (IOLA) and Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA) are checking accounts limited to attorneys and law firms. M&T can reconcile your trust accounts into a single interest-bearing account. Interest earned, minus fees, is then forwarded by M&T to state-controlled IOLA and IOLTA funds.

Account Features

  • Interest on collected balances
  • Checks paid summary
  • Analysis statement

Additional Services

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New - Nota for M&T Attorney Customers{{d627*}}

M&T now offers Nota - a new digital tool focused exclusively on attorney banking.

Nota is available at no additional charge{{d626*}} to all qualified M&T attorney customers who have IOLA/IOLTA accounts along with M&T online banking for business.

With Nota, attorneys can simplify their IOLA/IOLTA management by organizing and reconciling client funds in real-time. It was designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

To find out more, schedule a 15-minute online demo today.