Celebrating and Supporting Communities

The Amplify Fund provides funding to specific non-profit, community development, and environmental justice and stewardship organizations based in the Greater Northeast United States.

The Amplify Fund

As part of the People’s United Bank merger agreement, the M&T Bank Charitable Foundation established a new fund committed to deploying $25MM of supplemental charitable giving over 3 years in support of the former People's United Bank communities.

The Amplify Fund was created with M&T’s giving priorities in mind — aligning with the Community Growth Plan and Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) eligibility standards.

Areas of Giving

  1. New York-based organizations with historic connections to community development movements and community organizing in particular
  2. Connecticut-based non-profit organizations seeking mission-based investments
  3. Greater New England and New York City Metro organizations committed to environmental justice and stewardship

Application Process

Amplify Fund applications and grant requests will be reviewed by the M&T Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Team through a Request For Proposal (RFP) process, on a rolling basis. Please refer to the RFP types below for more information and detailed timing:

AF-NY will provide finite, multi-year funding to community-based organizations and intermediaries with a demonstrated commitment to high-need, frequently underserved, marginalized or overlooked communities that actively connect to the Community Development movement through community organizing.  

Learn more about AF-NY >

Connecticut (AF-CT)

AF-CT will provide finite, multi-year funding to community-based organizations and intermediaries with a demonstrated commitment to high need, frequently underserved, marginalized or overlooked communities.

Learn more about AF-CT >

Greater New England: Equity & Environment Initiative (AF-EEI)

AF-EEI will provide finite and non-renewable, two-year funding to community regional and statewide organizations working to advance environmental justice through programmatic initiatives and/or policy-based work.

Learn more about AF-EEI >

Frequently Asked Questions

The 501c3 IRS Designated organization will need to create an account at mtb.versaic.com if it does not already have one. From there please create an application and input the “Access Code” assigned to each Letter of Interest. Please refer to the specific Letter of Interest for the Access Code.

Apply Today

The submitter of the application should receive an automated email from Versaic. 

If you do not receive an acknowledgement email please email Ade EscaygJonathan Vazcones or Steve Flax.

All questions regarding the Amplify Fund should be directed to Ade EscaygJonathan Vazcones or Steve Flax.

No. Please submit only one Letter of Interest on behalf of your organization. We recognize that many organizations do work across our focus areas or geographies. Your request should highlight all of the ways your organization meets our criteria.

We encourage partnerships. If you are applying in partnership with another organization, one organization should serve as the lead applicant for the Letter of Interest. This would not disqualify the partner organization from applying separately, as long as they are not serving as a lead applicant on both LOIs.

  • Individuals
  • Capital campaigns
  • Schools (public, private, or charter)
  • Events or any type of sponsorships
  • Films, publications, and documentaries
  • Requests outside the United States