Your home may be your most valuable asset. Unlock your home’s equity with M&T’s CHOICEquity Account and you can count on competitive rates and outstanding service.

Apply now to receive rates as low as 8.44%.{{d971*}}

What is M&T CHOICEquity?

The M&T CHOICEquity Account is secured by your home and turns your home's equity into a line of credit you can use. Use as much or as little of your line as you need – for home improvements, debt consolidation, education expenses or other major purchases such as a car or even a vacation.

Why M&T CHOICEquity?

Affordable, Flexible & Convenient

  • Enjoy a revolving line of credit
  • Choose to lock in up to 3 fixed-rate loans{{d1415*}} within your line of credit, and enjoy the dependability of the same rate and payment amount every month
  • Consider an interest-only payment option during your draw period
  • Make payments only on the money you use
  • Manage your account easily anytime, anywhere through M&T Online Banking​​​
  • Receive convenience checks to draw from your line of credit
  • No application fee, annual fee, or closing costs{{d971*}} {{d1415*}}
  • Exclusive rate discounts for qualified checking relationships{{d961*}}

​​Eligible Loan-to-Value Range, Minimum & Maximum Loan Amounts

  •  Maximum  Loan-to-Value​{{d154*}}, {{d106*}}​ (LTV)
    • 85.99% for p​rimary residences (certain restrictions apply)
    • 70.99% for manufactured homes
    • 70.99% for vacation properties
  • ​​​Minimum Loan Amount: $15,0​00
  • ​​Maximum Loan Amount: $1,000,000{{d11*}} for primary residences/$250,000 for vacation homes

Acceptable Collateral

  • 1 to 4-family owner-occupied homes, town homes and condom​​iniums
  • Vacation homes (only available for lines up to $250,000)
  • Deeded manufactured homes (only available for lines up to $100,000)​{{d161*}}

​​Term, Interest Rates & Payment Options{{d971*}}

  • Line of credit features a 10-year draw period followed by a 20-year repayment period
  • Convert some or all of your balance to a fixed-rate loan within your CHOICEquity Account
  • Line of credit features a variable rate
  • CHOICE Loan segment features a fixed rate for the duration of the selected term
  • Variable Line of Credit
    • During the draw period, make either interest-only or principal and interest payments for the first 10 years
    • ​During the repayment period, make the principal and interest payments
  • Fixed-rate loan segment: principal and interest payments at a fixed rate and term
  • For example, borrow [[ExampleAmount]] for as little as [[ExamplePayment]] per month.{{d822*}} Terms and conditions apply.

Common CHOICEquity Line of Credit Fees (PDF) >

Make a Payment

  • Already have a home equity line of credit with M&T? We offer a number of different ways to make your payment, so you can choose the most convenient method for you.

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HELOC Rate Handler


Rate Info
PrimeRate 8.50%
PrimeAsOf 7/27/23
IntroMargin -1.51%
LowMargin -0.06%
HighMargin +7.39%
MinAPR 2.99%
MaxAPR 15.90%
ExampleAmount $25,000
ExamplePayment $239
ExampleAPR 9.84%


Early Closing Fees
CT 4,443
DE 3,806
ME 2,956
MD 18,409
MA 3,956
NH 3,088
NJ 4,674
NY 30,231
VT 3,657
VA 7,370
DC 4,866
WV 3,276